Early Flights Suck!

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We are up early. It is cloudy and there is no sunrise. It feels like Mexico is saying, go ahead, it’s okay to go home, you’re not missing anything.


Since there is no sunrise, Zung takes bird pictures.


Normally our flight home doesn’t leave until 4:30, but Frontier changed it and today it leaves at 12:30, so we have no time for the beach. There is only time for breakfast and packing. (Frontier has since changed it back – thank goodness!)

We head off to Bella Vista for our last vacation breakfast. We see Olivia. Zung gets his last Olivia omelette.


I kept it simple like I had all week. I have a Mimosa.


We go back to the room to pack. It is now sunny. Mexico is messing with me.

We pass this very noisy kitty. The cats in Mexico sure are verbal.



As we are packing I realize I brought a pair of shoes that I didn’t wear. I had taken a pair out before we left when I was over the weight limit and thought I had to wear one pair twice, but I actually had enough for a different pair for each night. I think there is a message there, but I don’t know what it is.

I decide I need a new suitcase because the beast is so heavy, even before I put in 9 or 10 pairs of shoes. (When I returned home I ordered a new one, looking for something ultra lite. The one I purchased was 5# lighter than the beast. Unfortunately, it is also smaller, which I didn’t realize when I ordered it. It did okay for a 5 day trip to Napa, but my next trip to Mexico is 8 nights, so I’m not sure if it will all fit. It’s a good thing bikinis don’t take much room.)

The bell boy comes for our bags. They always call the day before and ask what time should they come.

It’s time to go.


We go down and say good-bye to the butlers and the concierge. We go to the lobby and check out with Alicia. Raul and Fanny from PR each come out and say nice things. Everyone there is so nice.

While I was checking out I sent Zung to get me a Mimosa. I’m hoping to have two before Cancun Valet arrives.



Unfortunately, Cancun Valet arrives 15 minutes early, so not only will I not get a second Mimosa, I have to slam down this one.

Our driver says he saw the picture on the internet of me and Carlos (the guy who waits for us at the airport with the sign with my name. Then he shows me Carlos email address. I am confused. I am not sure why I would need Carlos email.

When we arrive at the airport I ask to take his picture and tell him it will be on the internet. Quick, go google Cancun Valet and see if it comes up!


All the guys from Cancun Valet are super nice, and very punctual. I highly recommend them. It’s $105 for the round trip. It’s for as many people as can fit in the van. We’ve had as many as 6. Our first driver ever, from our first trip, 9 years ago, gave us the best information ever when he told us people who live at altitude can drink way more at sea level. It’s true too!

We take our bags into the airport and up to the Frontier counter. While we are checking in there is a lady next to us packing her bag. She is taking stuff from one bag and putting it into another. Seriously? It was a little ridiculous. I can see one or two items, but she was doing some major moving around of stuff.

We go through security and stop in Duty Free to get some tequila for the kids. Then we go to Bubba Gump’s to get something to eat. I am not very hungry, but I know it will be awhile before I get anything decent to eat.

I get a cup of clam chowder and hush puppies. The hush puppies aren’t very interesting, so I only eat one, but the clam chowder is good.


Zung gets some kind of shrimp dish, which he enjoys.



We go to our gate. They call people according to zones and the first call includes Summit and Ascent members, but then we all get on a bus, so there was really no point to calling anyone first. The bus takes us to the plane and everyone swarms the stairs. People have to haul their carry-ons up the stairs. It is warm and that doesn’t look any fun.

We get settled and the plane takes off on time. It is an uneventful flight home. We go through immigration and Customs, and fortunately, there is no random Customs check and we take our bottle of Havana Barrel Proof home. I text Daniel and let him know we got it through with no problems.

To celebrate, we have a glass when we get home.

DSCN2802 DSCN2803

It didn’t wow me. It has a bit of a burn and is not as smooth as the Siete.

All in all, weather and illness notwithstanding, it was a good trip. I was sorry Karen couldn’t go this year, but enjoyed the unexpected getaway with Zung. It has been over three months and I am missing the Grand and all my friends there a lot. Especially because today is Mother’s Day and it has been snowing all day!

I’ll be back soon though! Check back for my next adventure.

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6 Responses to Early Flights Suck!

  1. monica says:

    I cant believe you weren’t impressed with the hush puppies at Bubba Gump. The hush puppies are my favorite item on the menu. I’m in love with those things.

  2. Jack says:

    Thanks for your latest blog and all the pics, Andrea. I am sitting poolside in Cabo while I send this, btw ! Missing the blue water and white sand for sure. Our first time here, thought we would try the Pacific side. All I can say is there is no comparison beach wise, we knew that when we booked this vacation. Our next Mexico trip will be back on the Mayan side, when ever that may be. Adios ! Take care…

    • shoediva50 says:

      Hope you had a nice time in Cabo. But, you shouldn’t be unfaithful to the Riviera Maya!

      • Jack says:

        We knew this would be a poolside vacation , but we much prefer the Mayan side. Walking the beach south from the Iberostar to Maroma is hard to beat ! Not sure when but we will return 🙂 We’ve been spoiled by going to the IB all those years !

  3. Kelly says:

    Just curious…I’m taking that 4:15 Frontier flight back to Denver after my Grand trip next month. What time do you get picked up from the Grand to make this flight?

    • shoediva50 says:

      Same flight I am taking. June 10th. We have Cancun Valet pick us up 2 1/2 hours before our flight. This gives us time to check in, shop at Duty Free and have a bite to eat (Bubba Gump’s is our current favorite). But we’ve done this over 20 times. So, if you’ve done it less than 5 x I would recommend 3 hrs from the time you leave the hotel.

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