Romantic Beach Dinner, Rock Star Moment

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The concierge gives me a rose and walks us to our table. I am wearing really high heels and walking on the uneven boards is a bit challenging. It is getting dark already.



Rene is our waiter. He does an outstanding job.


He greets us and asks if we want to start with sparkling wine. We have ordered a fairly expensive bottle of red wine and decide we should focus on finishing that, so we decline the sparkling wine and ask him to please open the bottle of red wine we discussed with Luis.

He opens and pours the wine and then he takes a bunch of pictures, from every angle.








It was a bit windy, but not too bad.

The wine should have been decanted. It was much better after it had some time to breathe and open up.


Rene brings some bread. There are roses and rose petals on the table. There i an electronic tea light, which is so much better than a real candle, which doesn’t usually stay lit when it is windy.


The first course is a fried brie with cherry sauce. It is good, but very rich.


The next course is a bouillabaisse which is very good.


The main course is the lobster Thermidore. The food is all good but it is all rich and together, just a bit too much.


Dessert is a chocolate cake with fruit and ice cream. I love chocolate, but this is just too much rich food. I take one bite of the cake and eat all of the fruit. A nice bowl of the fruit would have been perfect after all that heavy food.



Rene serves the dinner at a nice leisurely pace. He asks how long we want before he serves the next course. When we are done, we thank him and each take a glass of our wine to the lobby bar.



As we are walking up to the lobby bar, a gentleman who is sitting at the bar asks Daniel, “So, where’s Andrea?” Daniel looks up at me and points. I say, “I am right here. Do I know you?”

He is Randy and his wife is Annette. They are from Tennessee and they know me from Trip Advisor and my blog.



They think the Grand is kind of stuffy. They weren’t impressed with the Stars Under the Stars party, and are looking for a little more action in the lobby bar. Randy asks if we mind if he plugs in his iPad and speaker. We tell him to go for it. They dance a little bit.


Drunk T is there, from the night before. I wasn’t sure it was possible, but I think he is more drunk tonight. He tries to climb up on the bar and Daniel tells him, no can do. Fortunately he listens. He starts telling me again how beautiful I am. This time I say, “And S is very lovely too.” (Remember, S is his girlfriend. And she is very attractive and seems very nice.) He kind of blows that off. He tells Zung he should dance with me. I say we don’t dance. We actually do, occasionally, but it’s not our most favorite thing to do. Drunk T  is throwing the F bomb right and left. He then asks me to dance and I repeat that I don’t dance. I am sure I come off as very uptight and snobby, but I just am uncomfortable around him and want  him to leave me alone. I’ve had an unpleasant encounter with a drunk at the Grand who turned into a loose cannon and I prefer not to repeat such an unpleasant experience. There were quite a few people who came up to the bar and saw Drunk T throwing the F bomb around and they had that, “Seriously? Here?” look and then left.

Drunk T must have finally realized he’d had enough and goes back to his room. His lovely girlfriend, S, stays and we chat with her for a while. She also complains about the Grand being stuffy , but said they like the premium aspect of it. If being stuffy means not having a lot of drunks around, I’m good with that. I wonder if T is nice when he is not drunk. Then I wonder if he is ever not drunk.

Eduardo and the other Star Friends come by when the pool party is over. Eduardo is very tired. He says he was up late last night with his girlfriend because she is sad that they will have to be apart. He seems very stressed by the whole thing. I hope things work out for them because he seems to like her a lot. Oh hell, he seems head over heels.

After we finish the wine I have two cucumber mojitos and Zung has a margarita.



Is Daniel not adorable?



Daniel gets some water for my rose.


It gets late, so we call it a night. We say goodbye to Ahleli.


And Daniel.


We go back to our room, where a bubble bath and rose petals await us.

DSCN2763 DSCN2764

It is my last chance so I hop in with a glass of Havana Siete.


It doesn’t take long for the bubbles to get out of control, and the water is lukewarm to begin with, so I don’t stay in long. I look like I have put on a bubble dress.


It has been a great last day. And the combination of wine, cucumber mojitos and rum ensure that I sleep well.

Tomorrow is the sad, going home day.


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  1. The setting for the dinner looked very romantic too bad the food was too rich. I guess people consider a place stuffy if drunks aren’t around being loud and out of control. Yes Daniel is adorable.

  2. Imagine how light the packing would be if we could all wear bubble dresses – lol! You guys look great in the pictures from your dinner! I agree about the decanting! it can make a world of difference in a bottle of wine.

  3. Hi my husband and I are coming to Iberostar Grand this weekend for our honeymoon. Im nervous about getting sick. My friend just got back from Mexico, she stayed at a different resort. However, she is running to the bathroom every 15mins. Do you have any good tips? Do I only drink bottle water? Can I drink the water at the resort?

      • The Grand is an awesome place to honeymoon!
        I have had frequent tummy issues in Mexico in my 20 something trips. What has helped the most is taking probiotics before,during and after. The water they pour at the restaurants is bottled, but I brush my teeth with tap water. I had tummy issues one time when I got home. The homeopathic arsenicum cured me. Remember that coconut (in lots of tropical drinks) has a laxative effect. The last bit of advice is to stay hydrated! It’s super easy to get dehydrated. Drinks lots of water and use lots of sunscreen. Congratulations!

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