Meeting Charly and His Baby

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The skies cloud over around 2:30, so we go back to the room and shower and get a ride to the shopping center to meet Charly and his family. I decide to buy the stuffed turtle I saw the rainy day we were here. I remember picking it up and thinking, I wish I had someone to buy this for. Now I did!

I was surprised that there was a sign in the store welcoming tips. I think this is taking the tipping thing a little too far.

We sit and wait for Charly to arrive. There is a wedding in the center square. It looks like the same wedding party that was taking place at the Maya this morning. There is a carousel that has a low fence around it and a locked gate. People from the wedding party are taking their kids and hopping over the fence and pushing the carousel to make it go around. I wonder what kind of lesson this is teaching the kids. Oh, there’s a fence? That doesn’t mean anything, just jump over it!

Charly arrives at ten after four with baby Carlos. He says his wife couldn’t come because her sister just had a baby and she went to help. Baby Carlos is sleepy because it’s the middle of his nap time. DSCN2697



He warmed up eventually.

DSCN2702 DSCN2704 DSCN2709

Charly gives him to me to hold, but he is having none of that.



DSCN2716 DSCN2722

We visit until 5. An update on baby Carlos’ health: Charly messaged me after baby Carlos was seen by the US doctors and they said he is fine and doesn’t need a pacemaker. Charly and his wife were very relieved and are now just enjoying this beautiful boy.

We walk back to the lobby bar. Daniel has my rum.

DSCN2723 DSCN2724

It’s possible it was the last bottle of it in the area. It is no longer on the website and it was the only bottle La Europea had and it was in Cancun. It was really nice of Daniel to go to so much effort to get it for us.

He makes me a cucumber mojito and Zung a margarita and we take them and walk back to the room. We need to get ready for our romantic beach dinner.

We had asked for a new iron because the one we had didn’t work. They brought a new one and it worked this afternoon, but not now when I have to iron my dress. Boo! I have to wear it wrinkled.



We go down to the lobby of our building and tell the concierge that the iron doesn’t work again. I say we don’t need it any more, but they’ll want to replace it for the next guest.

Victor is there and walks us to our dinner. He says we are easy because we don’t ask of anything. I tell him that is because they give us everything before we ask for it.

The weather is perfect for a romantic beach dinner. There is a bit of wind, but it is a lovely evening. We are greeted by a concierge and our romantic beach dinner begins.


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  1. Baby Carlos is so cute! I’m so happy he is doing well!

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