Just another dinner and night at the bar

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We get ready for our dinner at L’Atelier.


We take the bottle of wine that was in our room when we arrived. It is from the pay extra list, so we are hoping it is really good. Luis, the sommelier, is there. He remembers our names and greets us so warmly and enthusiastically. He decants the wine for us. We ask if he has any children and he tells us he has two daughters, aged 4 & 5. I tell him they probably still like him and just wait until they become teenagers. He looks very confused and it is clear that he doesn’t understand what I am trying to say. I wonder if horrible teenagers is a cultural thing?


The wine was very nice. Luis decants it and then swirls the heck out of it.

Then the food starts coming. First is the amuse bouche of mushroom soup, which I again pass on. I do however, enjoy the wine.


Zung gets the salmon app that I had the other night.



I have the pate. Both apps are very nicely presented.



Zung has the veal, which is good, but not as nicely presented.




I have the turbo menuire, which is also good but also not as pretty as the appetizers were.



Eder comes by and says hi.





We share the crepes suzette for dessert.


After dinner we head towards the lobby. We see Jahziel. My shoes match his tie and cummerbund!



We ask for Charly but he is not available. We head on to the lobby bar where the charming Daniel makes me a chocolate martini.








The bar is busy, until the show and then there is almost no one. It is Tuesday, when they have the Beatles tribute show. It is good, but we saw it last time and just want to hang out with Daniel.

We talk to Eduardo. He tells us about his girlfriend, Lindsey. She is from New York, and he is over the moon. He is Catholic and she is Jewish and she has told him he will have to convert. I can tell he would do anything for her. Someone, Jahziel I think, gets me dancing. What? I don’t dance usually, but I humor him. I am glad when I see Lindsey come in with Eduardo and I break away from the dancing to go meet her. She is very pretty and seems very nice from our brief interaction. Eduardo comes by later and asks me what I thought of her. I tell him I like her, but he shouldn’t rush into anything. I’m pretty sure he won’t take my advice.


Rudy comes into the bar, with……his wife! He brings her over and introduces her. She does exist! I’m glad she does, because otherwise it would have been too weird. We chat for a bit. She tells me she doesn’t understand why I post pictures of food on my blog. I say I thought the same thing about food pictures, but people seem to like it. She repeats that she doesn’t get it. I am not sure what else to say.

The following people will only be identified by their initials because not everything I say is going to be flattering. We talk to a guy named P for a while. He seems like a nice guy. He is there with friends. His friend, T,  is very drunk. We chat with drunk T and his girlfriend, S. I think I mentioned my kids and how we brought them here once. Drunk T can’t believe I am old enough to have kids that age and then he starts telling me I am the most beautiful woman there. Normally, this would be very flattering, but his girlfriend, S, is standing right there and it’s just embarrassing. I am glad when he leaves because he is very drunk and people are loose cannons when they are so drunk.

Charly comes by and we make plans to meet him and his wife and baby tomorrow. It is so sweet that he wants us to meet them.

I tell Daniel that I want to meet Raphael, the new general manager. He calls him and he comes over.


He is from Spain. He has been with Iberostar 15 years and has been at the Grand for 7 months. He has two little kids and shows us pictures of them. I tell him about my blog. He gives me his card. I tell him Daniel would prefer to work at the pool bar, during the day because he gets to see his son more that way. He says Daniel is the best and that is why they want him at the lobby bar. He says he will talk to Daniel though, because he wants him to be happy. Last I heard, Daniel was still at the lobby bar in the evening.  So much for my influence!

We call it a night and go back to our room. I have been very concerned about the weather for our last full day tomorrow because the weather reports have been predicting 80% chance of rain. They have now changed that to 40%, so I go to sleep hoping for a beautiful last day. It doesn’t disappoint.


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