Lovely, Lazy Vacation Day

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This is turning into a great day. I spend some time in the water. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I get wet up to my ankles. The water is too cold for me to go in any further than that.


Zung gets a fairly good James Bond type picture. not that I look anything like the Bond girls, but you know what I mean.



Marcelino is attentive and personable as always. I look scary pale in this picture. It is windy today, but I spend some serious time in the sun, trying to make up for the time lost to weather and illness. You can see, I wasn’t making good progress. I think this may have been the weakest tan I ever came home with. Although, the first time I came with Karen, three years ago, there was not great weather and I was only here for four days, so that might have been the weakest tan ever.



Olivia comes by, bearing popsicles.



After enjoying Olivia’s popsicles we go to lunch. My appetite is back in full force so I start with chips, guac and sauce and order two lobsters and french fries.

DSCN2625 DSCN2626


Zung has shrimp fajitas.


He goes to the buffet afterwards for a little of this and a little of that. I apparently took the computer and am continuing to do some schoolwork.


We see this handsome guy on our way back to the beach.



We also stop at the pool bar to say hello to Humberto and get a drink. He says the bar is slow, but it doesn’t look slow. I guess it is all relative. We have noticed that the clientele is older. Maybe the senior set prefers the beach?

At the beach I finish my drink and we take a nap.


When I wake up from my nap, Nicholas calls me. The connection out on the beach is poor so I go to the lobby of our building to talk to him. He has the opportunity to move into a house with some other people and he wants my opinion. He tells me to hold on while he puts his laundry in and I can hear him talking and laughing and I am waiting a long time. When he gets back on, I say, You know I’m in Mexico, right? He replies, yea, I know. (Eye roll). We talk about it for a bit. I am concerned about the commute (45 minutes to an hour on public transportation) but I realize that is the reality of living in San Francisco. I advise him to go for it.

I walk back out to our chairs and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. I read. I watch them set up for the wedding. When Marcelino comes by, needing something on the lighter side, I ask him for a Citron vodka and club soda. I try going in the water again, but it is still too cold to go in any further than my feet. We watch the wedding. It is an older couple. Afterwards we return to our room and prepare for dinner. It has been a really lovely day.



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  1. Meg says:

    I love him, he was by far my favorite!!! The last day we were there we got someone different and he wasnt as nice, he told my my husband was LOCO, yes I would agree but just give him some beer and he will be happy!

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