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I wake up early, after a good night’s sleep. I feel pretty normal. I get up and go see what the status of the sunrise is.



This is my 21st trip to Mexico and this is my first actual sunrise.




This is freakin’ awesome! I take a ton of pictures.




DSCN2590 DSCN2591 DSCN2592 DSCN2593 DSCN2594

DSCN2595 DSCN2596 DSCN2597 DSCN2598 DSCN2599 DSCN2600 DSCN2601 DSCN2602

Okay, so that is way more pictures than you needed to see. But I’m not sure that will ever happen again, so, there you go. (It’s freaking early and you have to be fairly awake to take decent photographs). I do get now, why people get up and do this.

As I was snapping away on my Nikon Coolpix camera, I noticed that there were A LOT of people  going out to get chairs. WTF is going on? It’s not even 7 am, people. I only have two more days and I want a good spot on the beach. I join the horrible towel game. Except, it is so ridiculously early, there aren’t even towels available yet. I took out our beach bag. I was rewarded with a first row spot.

Zung gets up and we go to breakfast. I get a Mimosa (need to make up for my Mimosa-less day yesterday). I don’t eat as much as I normally do, but I eat a decent amount.


Zung eats his normal amount, which is HUGE.



We walk back to our building and talk to the concierge about our romantic beach dinner. We ask if we can do it tonight, but there is a wedding tonight. That only leaves tomorrow night. The forecast is calling for rain. There is no other option. If it rains, they will do it inside of Las Brisa.

Wednesday was the night we had reservations at Toni’s, our favorite restaurant. I ask if we can eat there tonight. She says it is closed. I am surprised that it is closed when occupancy is so high. I am disappointed that we won’t get to eat at Toni’s this trip, but that is definitely a first word problem, so I get over it instantaneously.

We change and go out to the beach. And have another Mimosa (or two, and a Mudslide)! Zung has a Margherita (with salt).

DSCN2607 DSCN2608

It is windy today, but still beautiful. I wish we could extend our stay. Between weather and illness, I don’t feel like I’ve gotten enough time here. I give it serious thought, numerous times. I look at the weather forecast and it doesn’t look awesome. No good reason to extend then.

I have to do some school work. I borrow Zung’s computer but have to go sit by the concierge to get wi-fi. We chat while I wait for it to connect. She tells me that this building has a lot of repeat guests.

When I get the pages I need, I go back out to the beach, write my assignment and send it when we go for lunch. How awesome is that? Doing schoolwork, while laying on the beach in Mexico, drinking Mimosas.


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  1. Looks like we just missed you we left to come home on 4/8!

  2. The towel game was in full force but we decided that our favorite spot was the big bed just as you go out the door and we dragged two chairs there as well, it was great!

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