Sick Day

Sick Day

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I wake up early and sick. My stomach is not happy. I am awake for a while and when it is time, I go out and get pictures of the sunrise.

DSCN2554 DSCN2557 DSCN2559

I go back to bed and lay there until Zung wakes up. I tell him I am sick and he’s on his own at breakfast. DSCN2563

He gets up close and personal with a coati. Ok, he didn’t get personal, just up close.



I take a homeopathic for food poisoning, Arsenicum. It doesn’t work. Whenever someone gets stomach upset in Mexico, it is usually written off to the food. Since I ate off the compound yesterday, this assumption increases. I have had food poisoning before and it’s much worse than this. I am suspecting a virus because I had been feeling chilled when we were out yesterday, and I feel chilled off and on all day today.

By the time Zung returns from breakfast I am feeling better and I call room service and order a continental breakfast. I go down to the beach while I wait for it to be delivered and Zung stays in the room to do some work. I figure that I can feel not great laying on the beach just as well as I can laying in bed. I go back to the room just as my breakfast is being delivered. My stomach upset comes in waves and this is not a good wave. I drink the tea but don’t eat anything or drink any of the juice.

I go back down to the beach. It is a beautiful day.

DSCN2568 DSCN2569

Marcelino is my beach waiter. He used to work at the pool bar. We chat for a while. I tell him I don’t feel very good and just want a 7 Up (maybe it was s Sprite). I start to feel hungry and text Zung to bring me the yogurt from my breakfast. I eat it and it doesn’t sit well.

Jenny, the Star Friend comes by and chats for a bit. Zung goes to lunch by himself. I lay on my lounger, read and try to will myself to feel better. Once, when I go up to the room, Henri, the butler asks how I am and I tell him I don’t feel good. He tells Jesus, the other butler, and the concierge. Everyone asks me how I am every time I go by and if there is anything they can get for me. I think I just need time.

At my request, Zung brings me a roll from lunch. I eat some of it, and it sits ok in my stomach. I ask Marcelino for some pineapple juice. He brings me some and it is horribly sweet. I am trying to drink it when he brings me another glass. He says the first one was a mix they have, and the second one is from fresh pineapple that he made for me. It tastes much, much better. He is so sweet.

I drink all of the pineapple juice and finish the roll. I feel very full, but otherwise ok. I have a slight headaches and keep feeling chilled. It has not been an awesome day, but the view is still awesome.

DSCN2570 DSCN2571

We return to the room. I rest and then do some school work. I feel like I can eat dinner and get showered and dress.


We have reservations at the Japanese restaurant, which sounds good to me. We walk to the restaurant and ask if we can sit at a regular table. We order some white wine, but I drink only a few sips. Our waitress messes up our order, which I sensed she would when she took it.

There is the sushi starter. I pass.


I get the miso ramen soup, which tastes pretty good.


I am not feeling great, but try to put on a happy face.


I order the chicken and veggies, but that doesn’t taste very good to me. I only eat a few bites. I also get fried rice, which I think is going to be very good, but that doesn’t taste good at all.


Zung gets the chicken and almond dish that is served in a rice noodle bowl. He enjoys it.


Our waitress keeps commenting on how little I am eating. I think she doesn’t understand me, because I keep saying I don’t feel good and a few minutes later she will comment on how little I’m eating. She then asks if I want banana tempura for dessert. Blech! not even a little bit, thanks anyway. Zung has it.


I ask for some tea and Zung orders coffee and she brings two teas. She knows and comments on how she has really messed up our orders. I tell her not to worry about it.

I am feeling chilled. Our plan was to go to the Lobby Bar to see Daniel and see if La Europea had the Havana at their other store. I tell Zung I just want to go back to the room and go to sleep. I tell him to go check in with Daniel.



I just thought this was a cool picture.



I go back to our room. The concierge asks how I feel. She tells me we have a romantic beach dinner and when do we want to do it? It is so nice, but I wish we had known earlier in the trip. I tell her we will decide tomorrow.

I put on the robe and get in bed and pull up the covers. I feel so chilled.

Zung comes back and says that Daniel said the other La Europea in Playa didn’t have the Barrel Proof. He asks them to check if the Cancun store has it. My boy is relentless.

Zung runs into Charly and tells him I am sick. Charly sends me an email saying he hopes I feel better and includes some pictures of his adorable baby boy.

I finally start to warm up and have taken some Ibuprofen for the headache. I am really thinking I have a virus. I am hoping it will be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow. I take an Ambien to ensure a good night’s sleep. It works.

And tomorrow is a much better day.


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  1. Returned from Grand on 4/10. Friend had very similar symptoms. Turned out to be bacterial and she needed antibiotics. She still has GI symptoms on 4/13.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Mine was gone the next day, thank goodness! I hope your friend is doing better.

  2. Chica A! You always take such nice pictures, even when you are sick! Marcelino is one of our favorite Grand friends. He taught us the secret to making great mojitos at home and his advice works! We were surprised when he was moved from the pool bar (he was there for years) to the beach, but we usually run into him throughout the day. As always, can’t wait for more!

  3. We missed you this time, Chica J! Marcelino was very sweet.

  4. Marcelino is great. In December I talked to about being moved and he seemed happy about. He said he liked being able to walk around and talk to more people than at the pool bar and he liked that his boss rarely came down to check on him as opposed to the pool bar. Plus I think the tips may work out better since there’s no splitting. Looking forward to seeing him and the rest again in 23 days.

    A – glad your illness was short lived.

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