Venecia, Again, and a new Star Friend

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Having returned from our trip to Playa del Carmen late in the afternoon, we need to get ready for dinner when we get back to our room.


We are dining at Venecia again. We get a ride. from one of the butlers. Every time they give us a ride somewhere, they always ask us how things are and if there is anything we need or want done. I am always curious what people ask for. I often read reviews on Trip Advisor where people complain that there butler didn’t do anything for them. They generally come to your room shortly after you arrive and if you are in an ocean front room they will check you in and give you your bracelets. They take pillow requests (there is a pillow menu) and liquor requests. They will bring you a full bottle of liquor or two. We always ask for one bottle of Havana Siete. They will customize your mini-bar. They also arrange (and possibly actually draw) bubble baths with rose petals. I have come back to these at night, but also in the afternoon a couple of times. There have been bottles of chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate sculptures. I have asked for help with getting a car for a day when we went to Tulum and our butler arranged that for us. When people complain I am not sure what they are expecting. I have had butlers ask if I wanted them to unpack for me, but my pay grade isn’t high enough for that. I’d love to know what else people ask for or what they expect.

We order some wine.



Hugo is there and comes over to see how things re.



Zung has Minestrone.



I have caesar salad.


I can’t remember what he had for his main.


I have the lamb. I order it medium rare and two pieces are over cooked and two are perfect. This is not a problem for me as I cannot eat it all anyway.


Zung really enjoyed the fresh fruit he had last night and does a repeat.


I have the tiramisu. It’s pretty standard tiramisu. When the Grand first opened they prepared a unique take on tiramisu. I liked that better.


Zung has a cappuccino.



After dinner we went to the lobby bar. Since Daniel wasn’t there, we sat at a table instead of the bar. Zung sees Rudy and some woman, who we think might be his elusive wife. We are going to go say hello, but Jahziel comes by and wants to take pictures for my blog. I’m not quite sure what the deal with reaching out his hand is.


I love Zung in black.


He takes us over to the mariachi brand and has us get some pictures with them.

DSCN2546 DSCN2548

We chat with Jahziel for a bit. Then Christian comes over. This is the first time we have met her. She sits with us and we chat for about 40 minutes. She is delightful.

DSCN2549 DSCN2551

We go back to our room fairly early. There is a surprise waiting for us. Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and a chocolate sculpture.



I insist we drink the champagne. We do a good job on it, although we don’t drink the whole bottle (it being the end of the evening, after much drinking has occurred already.      I try one of the strawberries, and Zung has several. I am fairly toasted by the time I go to sleep. We sleep with the balcony doors closed. I miss the sound of the ocean.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow, not so much.


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  1. Regarding the comment on the butler service, we never even met any of them when we were there,so we didn’t really have any expectations of them or preconceived notions.( Maybe because we were upgraded after we checked in and didn’t move up to building 71 until our second day there). This didn’t really detract from us having a wonderful time, oceanfront 3rd floor was spectacular ! That being said, if we were ignored, don’t know why. My review in Trip advisor mentioned that and management commented on this, so they were paying attention to the review.First world problems ! Lol. We are not that high maintenance and consider ourselves lucky to be able to afford these kind of trips. Enjoy your blog, Andrea, brings back good memories ! Thx…

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