Towel game, animals and doing something I haven’t done in over three decades

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The birds wake us up.



I see blue sky.



I see the sun, pushing its rays through the clouds.



Is it? Why, yes! I think it IS going to be a sunny day. My meditation worked. I send up a silent thanks to the weather goddesses.

We go to Bella Vista for breakfast.

DSCN2410 DSCN2411


Zung asks Olivia how baby Benjamin is doing. She says he sleeps well. He gets up at 2 am, “For food” she says and puts her hand on her breast. We take this to mean he is breastfeeding, which I am always happy to hear.

Rudy stops by to say hello. We ask about his wife and he gestures over at the buffet and says she is over there.

I have my iPad and am able to check my email, forums, and Facebook at breakfast. The faster to get to the beach! Which is where we go when we are finished with breakfast. The beach butler, Joel, helps us with our towels and loungers. I lay a towel down on the lounger and then put the chair pad on top of it. This prevents the pad from slipping. When Joel sees me do this, he says it is a good idea, but soon they will be getting pads that hook over the back of the lounger. I ask when and he says in “some months.” That means it could be any time in the next year. (Friends who have visited since we were there have told me they have already started to get them at the pool.)

I am very happy to see my Lounge Chair. He is happy to see me as well. We tell each other how much we missed each other. I tell him that I plan to spend lots of time lavishing attention on him.

The sun has asserted it’s dominance in the sky.


The towel game is rampant. Possibly, it is the worst I have ever seen in my twelve visits. We are not there long before all the chairs have been claimed.


There is a couple in the chairs in front of us, who go for a walk. When they return and see the bed that is next to them is still saved but not occupied, they take it. Good for them! No one ever challenged them for it while we were there. We chatted with them a bit. They are also from Colorado, but they are leaving today. Zung shows them, and just about everyone we see during the trip, the picture we took of our snow covered house as we left two days ago.

By eleven, most of the chairs that have been reserved with books, magazines or flip flops, are now occupied by actual people.

We take some bikini shots.


We have an attentive beach waiter. I never did get his name. He came by often to get drink orders. I order a Mudslide, which I call a milkshake for grownups.



Zung has his drink of choice for the vacation, a Margarita. He’s making the Mojitos sad.


We take a selfie.


Zung goes back to the room for awhile to do some work. (Boo!)

I have a couple glasses of champagne.

A couple of Star Friends come by, JayZ and Andres. When JayZ sees me, he says, “You have the blog!” Apparently Eder told him about my blog. Ahhh, the life of a celebrity. He goes off to talk to someone else and Andres and I chat for a while. He is teaching the yoga classes and I tell him I plan to come to the 4:30 class. He asks where Zung is and I rat him out for working on vacation. Then I explain that he wasn’t even supposed to come on this vacation, so he really does have a good excuse for working.

A coati comes by to check things out.

DSCN2426 DSCN2429


Some guys come around with a couple birds, trying to get people to have their pictures taken with them. Pictures that they, of course, can purchase. I have heard a lot of these animals are drugged and that is why they are so cooperative, so I never do it.



When Zung returns, we go to lunch at Las Brisa. Yesterday, I tasted Zung’s Victoria beer and found that it didn’t taste as vile as most beers do. I did something I haven’t done in over 35 years. I had a beer. Well, I had half a beer. It was okay, but I doubt I’ll have another one.



I order the Tournedos and fries, and they bring fries with the Tournedos and another whole plate of fries. We can’t eat all of them, but we give it our best shot.



Zung has…….shrimp fajitas!



We finish off with some treats from the sweets buffet.



We get ready to go back to the beach. I stop at the ladies room and there is something there that I have never seen before — a long line! So, I stand in line. The lady in front of me turns around and says, “My husband is a huge fan of your blog. That’s why we are here.”

Rock star moment! She said they saw me in the bar last night and he wanted to come say hi, but he was too shy. I tell her that I live for those moments.

After lots of drinks and food, I am ready for a nap. I let the sight and sounds of the ocean lull me to sleep.



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