Dinner, Drinks and Mayan Warriors

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Dinner tonight is at L’Atelier, the gourmet/French restaurant. After my nap, I shower. I look at the hair dryer. I sigh. I look in the mirror. You may recall that I had to leave my hairdryer at home because I was exceeding my luggage weight limit. The hairdryer at the Grand is actually pretty decent. And I don’t have a lot of hair. However, with the humidity, it still takes a fair amount of time to dry my hair, and the last time we were here, my hair rebelled the whole time. I look in the mirror again, and reach for my thickening cream and work some into my hair. I have decided to give into my inner curly girl.

I have to say, I was pleased with the results. The humidity makes my hair curl nicely, better than it does in my home state of dry Colorado.

And how about this dress? It has a story too. I tried it on at the BCBG store when I visited San Francisco in October. I liked it a lot, but it was full price and I felt like the shoulders needed to be taken up. I ultimately left it on the rack. When I was back in San Fran in January, I found the dress on the sale rack at Macy’s. I don’t know if I tried on a smaller size this time, or what, but it didn’t need any tailoring. Even if it had, it was such a good price that I bought it. The salesgirl gave me an extra discount when she found out I was from out of town. She called it the visitor’s discount. Score!




We walk to the restaurant and are seated by the window. Leticia is our server. She is great. She has such a beautiful smile. We order another bottle of the Daimon red wine. We order and they first bringt us an amuse bouche of a mushroom soup. I don’t do mushrooms, so I pass. Zung loves mushrooms, so he has mine as well as his. He says it is really good. I’ll take his word for it.



They bring bread and three different varieties of butter: plain, Portobello (more mushrooms) and herb. I pass on the bread. I am drinking a lot of calories and need to be selective about what I eat. With this trip coming right after the holidays and a trip to San Francisco and wine country, I am not in fighting shape.

My first course is the smoked salmon with hollandaise, served on toast rounds. Yea, I am definitely trying to stick with the lower calorie options.



Zung has the bouillabaisse. Both appetizers are quite nice.

DSCN2381Entrees are the Tournedos for Zung, which is served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes…

DSCN2383…and the Lobster Thermidore for me. I had this several years ago and didn’t love it. It has definitely improved. It is a large portion, IMO.

DSCN2384For dessert I have the Chocolate Coulant which is a cake with a liquid center. The berries are really yummy.



Zung has the Apple Tarte Tatin.



It is a lovely dinner.



We see Luis, the sommelier. He is so happy to see us. He is so sweet.  We also see Hugo.



Zung and I really don’t coordinate our clothing. He is wearing the new shirt he got earlier today.

We head towards the Lobby Bar. JayZ, a new Starfriend. is recruiting for the show. His name is actually Jahziel, but he says to call him JayZ.  This picture was taken on another night, but I’m posting it here so you know who JayZ is. We see him frequently over the vacation.



We see Charly. He tells us that when he went home last night, he woke up his wife and said, “Guess who I saw!” Charly is so sweet too. I have said it before, but it bears repeating, the Grand has many wonderful things about it, but nothing is more wonderful than the people who work here. Charly is going to school in the morning and works in the evening, and one night during our week here, he worked the night shift.

When we get to the rotunda, right off the Lobby Bar, they are taking pictures with Mayan warriors. Well, they aren’t real Mayan warriors. They are just dressed like them. They took several pictures and say they will print them and put them on a CD and deliver them to our room for $20. SOLD!

IMG_2909 IMG_2910 IMG_2911 IMG_2912

I think I like the first one best.

We join Daniel at the Lobby Bar.



Rudy is there, the guy we met this afternoon who reads my blog. He says his wife is still sleeping.



I have a couple Chocolate Martinis, and Zung has a coupe Margarita’s. He tells Rudy that Daniel makes the best Margarita’s, so Rudy tries one.




Daniel brings us some popcorn.


I eat too much (what IS it with me and popcorn? I have no self control). I tell him to take it away. Instead, he brings me some Tabasco sauce. I shake it all over the popcorn. He eats some and says, “Yum.” I dump it out on the plate.



He brings me some paper towels and I cover it up.



A lady sitting across from me is laughing at me. FINALLY, Daniel takes it away. Phew. Now I am safe from eating myself into a popcorn coma.

Daniel and I talk about going out on Sunday, his day off, to get ceviche in Playa. He has heard of a good place. I tell him to bring his son, Matthew.

We say goodnight and go back to our room. We go to sleep with the balcony door open so we can listen to the symphony of the ocean. And I meditate on it being sunny tomorrow and for the rest of our vacation.





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  1. Its nice to put a name on a face with this JayZ person who I keep reading about on TA, so thank you for the picture. I need to try that popcorn trick next time we are there because I keep eating and eating it when its just sitting there.

  2. Cute dress and yes I remember it from your San Francisco trip.

    1. Thanks! I love this dress. So glad I found it on sale.

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