Rainy Days and Fridays

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We sleep in until 7:30, which is late for us. My iPhone is set for Do Not Disturb from 10 pm to 7 am, which means it doesn’t make any of the usual noises when mail or texts or alerts come in. It chimes when I get an email and that is what wakes us up.

It is cloudy and cool outside.



There will be no Zungrise picture today. For anyone new to my blog, that’s what I call the pictures Zung takes of the sun when he wakes up, which is usually after sunrise.

We go to Bella Vista for breakfast and are excited to see Olivia. She was pregnant the last time we saw her and she had a baby boy, Benjamin, in September. She has a couple of pictures of him and he is adorable. She makes Zung an omelette. Insider tip: He says that she makes the best omelets. He also has a particular fondness for the donuts they make fresh every morning.



I keep my breakfast simple this morning. I also eat most of a piece of bacon before I remember to take the picture. I wish I could just get a half of a grapefruit instead of the slices, which are a lot more work to eat. I really should have asked. I would think about asking every morning but never did. The mango was hard and not very tasty, probably because it is not really the right season for them.



Even though the whole hotel now has wi-fi, Zung wants to go to the Lobby Bar to do some work on his computer. This is what my routine has been for past trips, breakfast and then the Lobby Bar for the wi-fi and Mimosas.


Zung has a cappuccino, which is his morning drink of choice.



Nancy is the waitress who has worked in the Lobby Bar for years. We chat with her a bit.

Zung does his work and I post a Live From thread on Trip Advisor. The weather is not improving. I forgot to bring any kind of jacket or hoody, just my sweater, and it is cool enough that I need something.

DSCN2348We head back to the room. We swing by the pool bar to say hello to Humberto. It is quiet at the pool bar because of the weather. He says there are “more of us than guests.”

There is this very cool looking bird by the ocean. I have never seen one like this before.




There are lots of very pretty birds around the Grand. I know this primarily because my friend, Laurie (she and her husband Dave are also frequent visitors at the Grand) takes some pretty spectacular pictures of them and posts them on Facebook.

Back at the room I still cannot get the safe to lock so I call the concierge. She sends security and I am embarrassed to realize the safe works fine, I just wasn’t putting enough numbers in. Duh.

There are a lot of coatis out this morning, despite the wet weather.



We ask for a ride to the shopping center. I am hoping to find a hoody and something I can wear in the evenings to keep warm. Zung finds a hoody and a shirt at the black and white store. I can’t find anything to wear. I do find a really cute stuffed turtle that I wish I had someone I could buy it for.

I spend a long time in the jewelry stores but can’t find anything in my price range I want to buy. There is a ring that has one of those stones that change colors depending on how the light is hitting it that I think Patrick would like, but it is too expensive. Zung looks at the cowboy boots in the boot store but isn’t wowed by anything.

There is a storefront with a sign “Star Cafe” but it is not open yet and I am not sure what it is going to be. We head back to the Grand, but decide to go through the Maya because the Lobby is so beautiful with all the Mayan art. There is another “Star Cafe” and this one is open. It is a coffee, pastry and sandwich place. We decide we will come back later in the afternoon for coffee, tea and pastries.

There is a store that has some scarfs and I buy one that I can wear in the evening. It is white with gold stripes and will go with all my dresses. We also buy two Mexican chocolate bars. We walk to the Grand and go to the front desk in the Lobby and exchange some money. They have a table with all their awards. They have won Trip Advisor’s award for best all-inclusive in the world, twice!


All this walking has worked up an appetite, so we get a ride from Christian, one of the bell boys, to Las Brisa. He complains that he is freezing, which makes us laugh. It’s definitely cool, but freezing? I guess it’s all relative.



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  1. I am so jealous! I was hoping to see that bird when we were there, but only got a photo of a group of them flying over the resort. What time of day did you spot them on the beach??

    1. It was in the morning, after breakfast, before we went shopping.

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