Chocolate Martinis, Margaritas and Rum

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Next stop:Lobby Bar! The Lobby Bar actually has a name, Mirador. I don’t think anybody uses it though. We take the elevator down to the first floor and walk through the main building. I am thrilled to see one of my very favorite butlers, Charly.



I first met Charly a year ago when I was here in January with Karen. His baby was 4 months old and he was as proud as a new papa could be. When I was here in June with Zung, Charly had told me that his baby had a heart problem and needed a pacemaker. While he looked like a completely healthy baby, he has an abnormally low heart rate. Charly and his wife had then, just returned from a trip to the hospital in Merida with baby Carlos. I was anxious to hear what the latest was. I had heard from a mutual friend that baby Carlos was going to have the surgery to insert the pacemaker.

The first thing I asked Charly when I saw him was, how is baby Carlos? Charly told me that they had postponed the surgery. They just didn’t feel it was right. We had put Charly in touch with the cardiologist who had taken care of Zung when he had his heart attack in Mexico, five years ago. He is an interventionist cardiologist. Baby Carlos needed a cardiac electrophysiologist, and there was no one specializing in pediatrics in the area. Charly told us that their was a group of doctors coming from Iowa in February and one was a pediatric cardiac electrophysiologist (wow! That’s a mouthful). They had managed to get baby Carlos an appointment.

I won’t keep you in suspense. I have heard from Charly since baby Carlos had his appointment and the doctor fro Iowa said he does not need a pacemaker. He is healthy and they just have to keep an eye on him, but no surgery for now. Charly was very relieved to get this news. We got to meet Baby Carlos later in our trip.

After we caught up with Charly, we went to the Lobby Bar. I looked into the jewelry store that is on the way and was dismayed to see it was gone! I almost always buy something from that store and I was worried that not being able to do so would upset the balance of the universe.

Daniel was waiting for us.

DSCN2323I LOVE this picture of him.

He made a chocolate martini for me.



Or two, if you’re counting.

He made a margarita (or two) for Zung.DSCN2324


We chat with him, and Star Friend, Eduardo, and waitress, Ahleli.  We munch on popcorn and nuts.

DSCN2327 DSCN2328


The band comes and sets up and starts playing. They are loud, especially when you are trying to talk, and are hard of hearing.

I have Zung take a picture of my insanely cute Betsy Johnson shoes. I got these at the Nordstrom Rack and they were only $60. They are so cute, I get compliments on them every time I wear them. The amazing thing is that they are incredibly comfortable. I wore these shoes when we were in New Orleans and walked all over in them. The shoe trifecta, cute, comfortable and inexpensive!


We say good night to Daniel and get a ride back to the room.

We are greeted by the rose petal and bubble bath treatment.

DSCN2332 DSCN2333


I pour some rum and hop in. The water is rather lukewarm, so I don’t stay long. It is a lovely ending to a lovely first day. This morning I left snow, and wore a down coat. Now I am here, wearing, well, bubbles.




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