Wrapping up – visit with my brother and to the airport

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We make our way to Santa Rosa. We need some food. I use my trusty iPhone app, Yelp to see what is in the area. We want something we can take with us to my brother’s. I find a burger place, and call Peter to see if he and his daughter, Fiona (who is home sick) want anything to eat. He says no, so we order a couple burgers and fries to go. This is an upscale burger joint. As evidenced by the  very full bar.



We get our order and use our trusty GPS to get to my brother’s. We don’t have a lot if time to visit with him. Which was too bad because we haven’t seen each other in quite some time. I expect many more trips to the area though, so hopefully next time we will have more time together.



We say our goodbyes and head back to San Francisco, where we need to return the car. Unfortunately, we can’t return it to the airport. We have to return it from the place we picked it up in the city.

It is a foggy drive over the Golden Gate bridge.

DSCN1655 DSCN1656 DSCN1657 DSCN1658 DSCN1659 DSCN1660


I tried to get some pictures showing how steep the streets were in the city.

DSCN1661 DSCN1663 DSCN1664 DSCN1665

We get to Enterprise Rental and turn the car in and send for an Uber. It arrives quickly and we are on our way to the airport. We chat with the driver. He wants to know if Colorado is a good place to live because he wants to move. He says San Francisco is too expensive if you want to have a family. He has a lot to say about it. It is  interesting because when we return to the area in January, our first driver has a totally different take on the situation.

We arrive at the airport and check in and then go get something to eat. This is our eating utensils. I guess they didn’t want to risk us having a real knife.



I had some anxiety about this trip because it required so much planning and research and it was totally different from what we normally do. It was great though. Great food. Great wine. Great shopping. I love Napa. I love it as much as Mexico. I don’t love San Francisco, but will obviously be visiting often to see Nichoas. We have since had another trip there, and another one planned. Instead of blogging the next trip in chronological order, because this blog is titled Iberostarrocks, I am first going to blog my trip to Mexico I took last month.

Thanks for reading and please check back on Wednesday for my next excellent Mexico adventure.


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