Robert Biale Vineyards

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Our afternoon tasting is at Robert Biale Vineyards. Ana is our host for this private tasting. Because the weather is so amazing, we sit outside at a picnic table.DSCN1607 DSCN1606

There is a $20/per person tasting fee for four wines. The wines are all reds and we must have liked them because we bought a case of them. They have really entertaining names, like Black Chicken Zinfandel and Royal Punishers Petite Syrah. Ana tells us the history of the winery, which dates back to 1937.

There is another tasting going on and that party has a small child with them. Most wineries do not allow children, so if you are planning on a family vacation, check with the winery about this. And when I say no children, most of them stipulate no one under 21.



After we finish the tasting and purchasing, we return to Andaz to rest before dinner. We have a certificate for a couple of glasses of sparkling wine from the bar, in honor of my birthday. It is our last night there, so we enjoy that before dinner.

I wear this dress, which I got from H&M, with the new Christian Louboutins.



H&M is an incredible store. I should pay it a visit again, soon.

Dinner was at Bistro Don Giovanni in Napa. Our waiter is an incredibly sexy Italian with a deep voice. Yum. The food is good too.

I have a salad and Zung has the Frito Misto, which was calamari, shrimp and green beans.

DSCN1612 DSCN1611


Zung has the salmon.



I’m not sure what I have. It’s not on the current menu, so it may have been a special. Definitely some kind of bird. And it looks like some kind of sausage. I remember we were pleased with the food. We get a bottle of wine too. Natch.



I think I am a little overdressed for this place. But my motto is better overdressed than underdressed, or too casual (shudder).



Zung has the Rustico del Giorno (fruit crisp or tart of the day).



I have the Bostini Truffle, vanilla custard, chocolate cake, whipped cream, clear caramel and toasted almonds. At least, that’s what this looks like, doesn’t it?



They have these really beautiful sunflowers.



We return to the hotel and I take my last bath in the awesome bathtub. I finish the wine from dinner. I am well toasted.



Tomorrow we will finish off our first Napa tour with a two for one.


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