Cakebread Winery & Bouchon for Dinner

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After lunch we drive to our next wine tasting. It is Cakebread, which is located in St. Helena. We check in, pay the tasting fee of $15 per person. We had booked the Select Tasting which is a sampling of six of their current release of red and white wines.  We are given a glass of white wine to drink while we wait for the rest of our group to arrive. We are told that you, “can’t be at a winery without a glass of wine in your hand.”



We wait outside in the warm sunshine. I might add that I am holding Zung’s glass in this picture. I wasn’t really double fisting wines at this point.

Our group includes us and two ladies, one of whom is from Texas. We are taken by our hostess to a table outside. There is no seating, which is fine when you are walking through a cave, but not as awesome when you are just standing there. Suggestions to wineries: have some chairs for people to sit on. Even folding chairs would be good.

I have heard about Cakebread wines, but never tried them before. The wines we taste range from unremarkable (primarily the whites) to interesting (the reds). She tells us about the Dancing Bear Ranch. However, it’s not part of the tasting. She tells us that it is like the Cabernet we are tasting, but more amazing. The tasting concludes and then we go into the gift shop with the order form. We are looking around and she brings us a glass of the Dancing Bear Ranch to try. She had our number. It is AMAZING. We order a case of things we have tasted, including two Dancing Bear Vintages.

When I am ordering these absurdly expense, amazingly tasting, wines, I have no idea when we are going to drink them. I just know, I MUST drink them again.

Here I am with our hostess.


We conclude our transaction. They will ship the wines to us. We then return to Andaz. There is no time to rest today. We have an early reservation at Bouchon for dinner.

I am posting two pictures of my dinner attire. One is for the dress (Banana Republic). The other one is for the shoes (Jimmy Choo).

DSCN1553 DSCN1554

We passed the Wine Spectator building several times during this trip.



We arrived at Bouchon and were seated. The menu was wrapped around the napkin.DSCN1556

I had a butter lettuce salad. It had a lovely herb vinaigrette dressing and was perfect.



Zung had a steak.



And I had the mussels and frites.

DSCN1559 DSCN1560





It was all very good. Service was efficient, but not very personal. The wine was good, but not memorable. All in all, a very nice dinner.

We returned to Andaz. I had a bath and drank wine. It was my routine. A nice one.

We had one more full day of tasting tomorrow. I knew, well before tonight that we would return. Many times. I knew we would be visiting San Francisco many times because Nicholas was living there. As mentioned earlier, I didn’t love San Fran. I loved Napa. It would be my reward for spending time in San Fran. To be clear, I didn’t need a reward for spending time with Nicholas, but I did need one for spending time in that city which tapped in to my claustrophobic issues, and not in a good way. Napa had lots of those wide open spaces I like so much. We’d be coming back. A lot.


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