Pride Mountain Winery

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It was a long and windy road up Spring Mountain Road to get to Pride Mountain Winery. My friend, Elise, from work who is a Napa Valley regular told me that she and her husband visit Pride every time they come to Napa. We finally arrived, just barely in time for our reservation at 3 pm. We were told during our tour that they have to do reservations because they are limited to a certain number of guests each day because of the narrow mountain road. This is also the reason why they don’t do weddings, which is a shame, because it would be a spectacular site for a wedding.




We checked in and were given a glass of white wine, because, as previously mentioned, you MUST have a glass of wine in y our hand at all times when upon the premises of a winery. We joined some of the people that would be in our tour group. In my notes, I wrote, “jeff and people from Denver.” I don’t know if there really was a Jeff or if I was getting confused from Jeff at Faila in the morning. I do know there were several people from Denver. Just as we were starting, three women from Virginia showed up. They had apparently had a long day, because one of them lasted about five minutes before she had to retire to their car and missed the whole tour. Our tour guide, Andy, asked if she was okay, and they said she’d be fine. He asked if maybe she had some wine flu? Yes. Yes, she did. Pace yourselves people. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Our tour guide was Andy.



He was another guy who loved his job and had previously been in the restaurant industry. He said everyone that came for a tour was usually in a good mood (unless they had done one or two wineries too many, like the poor woman in our group).

We started out looking at the line that divides the winery into two, Napa country and Sonoma county.



Andy was the one who was asked the question, how long should you keep a bottle of wine once it’s been opened. He said he never keeps it, he thinks it’s best to drink it once it’s opened. I think that is wise advise.

He took us into the caves.





He talked about the winery and wines and we tasted the different wines as we walked through the caves. We are taken through the private wine tasting room where they do the Summit experience (check out their web site for what all that entails). I think I’ll do this the next time I visit.

We ordered a case of the Pride Merlot 2011. We had them ship it to us.We also got a bottle of their Reserve Claret, which we took with us. This was a sweet, dessert wine. They were all way more expensive than what we usually spend on a bottle of wine. I don’t know what was happening to us. Not only did we think we could order a bottle of expensive wine, we thought we could order an entire case of expensive wines. But by the end of the trip, todays wines would end up being on the less expensive end of the spectrum.

We take some pictures, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery.

DSCN1497 DSCN1500 DSCN1506 DSCN1504




I was really falling in love with Napa. It’s so beautiful.

We drove down the mountain and returned to Andaz. I had purchased the essentials of life today. Wine, shoes and chocolate. What else does anyone need?



All of our tasting experiences had been wonderful, yet all had been different. We were looking forward to a nice dinner tonight at the restaurant Etoile at the winery Domaine Chandon.

I will be taking a break from writing about our Napa trip for a week. We are leaving on a trip to Mexico and the Iberostar Grand tomorrow morning. Usually this time of year I go with my friend Karen, but since she has a sick dog, I have made Zung come with me. He said he would sacrifice and accompany me. I am really looking forward to some sun, sand and lot and lots of rum! I’ll try to post a couple times, live from. But, no promises.


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  1. Have a great trip Andrea & Zung!!

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