Merry Christmas Surprise

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I have been so sad that Nicholas is not coming home for Christmas. Christmas Eve wasn’t going to be the same either. It’s our tradition to all go to brunch and do some last minute shopping and eat junk food all evening. However, this year Susie was going snowboarding and Patrick has moved up to Keystone and wouldn’t be home until later in the evening, after his girlfriend got off of work. I woke up Christmas Eve morning in a major funk.

Zung and I were getting ready to go to brunch. Nicholas called and asked when we were leaving for brunch. I told him his siblings weren’t going, so he wasn’t missing out. He told me he’d received his Christmas Eve presents (pj’s and an ornament), but not the cookies I’d sent at the very same time (they’ll be stale by the time they arrive). I asked if the restaurant was busy for Christmas Eve. He still wasn’t sure what he was doing for Christmas. He asked me to take pictures of Lola, his cat who lives with us. That seemed odd because I send him pictures of her all the time. I told him we should Face Time tomorrow. After we hung up I wailed, “He still doesn’t know what he’s doing for Christmas!”

Zung reassured me that he’d be fine. I took the pictures of Lola and we were putting our coats on when there was a knock at the door. I looked out the side window and there was a friend of Nicholas standing there. I actually didn’t recognize him because he’s grown a beard since I last saw him. I thought, what does this guy want?

I opened the door and standing there was Nicholas! I shrieked and threw my arms around him and gave him the biggest hug ever. He had just pulled off the best Christmas surprise ever. He’d been planning it for a couple weeks. His friend, Mason, had picked him up from the airport and he will be with us until tomorrow evening.

We took him to brunch, took him shopping and he made us an amazing chicken noodle soup. He even roasted the chicken. This boy can cook! We enjoyed the surprise that Susie and Patrick experienced when they saw him. We are enjoying all being together.

It is the best Christmas present ever. I wish you all a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate and a wonderful New Year, which we will be spending in San Francisco.


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  1. That is AWESOME!!! Merry Christmas Andrea!

  2. Aww that is so great. Glad you had a great Christmas after all.

  3. That made me tear up! Glad you had all of your babies with you for Christmas!

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