Dinner at Fifth Floor

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I apologize for not doing my blog this past Wednesday. School and the holidays got the best of me. Something had to give. I may miss the next couple Wednesdays as well. Next week is Christmas. The following week is New Year’s. Nicholas is not coming home for Christmas, so we are going out to see him for New Year’s. I plan to get back to my routine after that. Until I go to Mexico at the end of January.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog: I’m time challenged. Well, maybe I’m just number challenged, but it seems to present itself most often with time.

We get back to the hotel, quickly change for dinner and call for another Uber. We are dining at the Fifth Floor restaurant tonight, in Union Square. It is not that far from the hotel, but because of the stiletto height factor, walking is NOT an option. We take the elevator up to the 5th floor (wow, what an original name). I am feeling tense and stressed because we are late. I like to be on time. As opposed to my husband, who thinks reservations and appointments are merely suggestions.

Even though the restaurant is not far, because traffic in San Francisco is insane, and it is really insane at this time of evening.

We arrive for 6 o’clock reservations. We have busted butt to get here on time. Only to be told by the hostess that we are an hour early. WTF? Seriously? It appears that my phone is changing times. Something to do with the change in time zone. I still haven’t researched it. When I go to Mexico, I don’t have any times down on my phone. You know, the whole CROW – Ceremonial Removal of the Watch. I don’t worry about time in Mexico.

Toto – we are not in Mexico.

The hostess says it is not a problem that we are an hour early and seats us.

It is a very nice restaurant. The food is good. And I am not that hungry, just having come from a food tour. We do the best we can.

There was an Amuse Bouche.



Soup and salad for starters.


It was some kind of winter squash and chestnut soup. Zung said it was really tasty.



What is up with this putting food only on the left side of the plate? It kind of looks like they left something off of the plate. This was an avocado salad. I’m thinking that is not going to be a big surprise for anyone.



Both were yummy.

I had the Waygu steak for my entree. It was really good.



Zung had the black cod. He pronounced it very good as well.



We ordered a bottle of red wine, that went well with my steak.



We decided to pass on dessert.

When they had called to confirm the reservation, they had asked if we were celebrating anything and I had said my birthday. They printed, “Happy Birthday Andrea” on the menu. They also brought a plate of sweet treats. We ended up having dessert anyway.





We called Uber for a ride back to the hotel. We finished the wine and took some pictures. These are the new Kate Spade’s. The dress came from Target. One year they did a holiday collaboration with Neiman Marcus. Everything was way overpriced, so I waited until it was 50% off.



Tomorrow was my birthday. We had a full schedule that included breakfast with Nicholas, renting a car and driving to Napa, and our first wine tasting. It would turn out to be not only busy, but chaotic.

Tonight, we just enjoyed the amazing view of Union Square.



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  1. We look forward to reading your blog whenever you have time to post. Yay another trip to Mexico planned. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and your family.

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