Dinner at Waterbar

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Once we were ready for dinner, we used the Uber app to call for a car. You have to rate the previous driver before you can request a new ride. All our drivers had been polite and driven safely. Some were chatty, others hardly said a word.

We take the car to Waterbar, a restaurant on the Embarcadero. I had done research, looking for a good seafood restaurant and Waterbar had come up as having good food and good views. Both are accurate.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had been told there were better seafood restaurants and that Waterbar is “kinda touristy”. If it is, then sign me up!

The reflections off the glass on the buildings across the bay were beautiful.


It was still light out when we arrived.



As it got darker, the Bay Bridge lights came on. These are a treat to see.



We were seated next to one of the floor to ceiling aquariums and this guy watched over Zung while he ate.

DSCN1317 DSCN1315


The guy on the right swam around, stopping briefly to pose.



Since we were going to have seafood, we ordered a bottle of white wine after confirming that we could take any wine that we did not drink, back to the hotel.


Our first course arrived. They have changed the menu since we were there, so I can’t cheat and look at it (note to self – take a picture of menus for blog) to refresh my memory, but this looks like calamari on a salad. That would be Zung’s. I don’t eat calamari. I never have and never will.



My app had lobster and potatoes. The waiter told me that the potatoes were made with 2# of butter for every 1# of potatoes. He then leaned over and said, sotto voce, “It’s okay, I know CPR.”

Haha, everyone is a comedian.




We were both happy with our dishes.

Our entrees were good as well.

DSCN1322 DSCN1323


Overall, the food was quite decent. I have to admit, most restaurants are going to pale in comparison to our meal last night at Quince. The views, however, were phenomenal.

DSCN1333 DSCN1334






We have an awesome video of the lights. However, I can’t seem to embed it here. I tried YouTube, and that didn’t work either. It seems to be an Apple issue. Sorry guys.

We looked at the dessert menu, but were not wowed by anything and decided to just go back to the hotel with our leftover wine. We call for and Uber. I love this service! We are back to the hotel in time to watch Parenthood before falling asleep.

Tomorrow we have a food tour lined up. Did I mention that I love food too?



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  1. Waterbar looks wonderful- I had it on my short list when we visited this past August- we ended up at Boulevard for our adults -only dinner this time, though- have to save it for next time! Can’t wait to hear about the food tour- something on my list for when I am there without T&T next time, too! 🙂

  2. What a cool looking restaurant. I love the huge aquarium and the views are stunning. I agree who cares if it’s touristy since you are a tourist after all.

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