Afternoon Tea and (more) Shopping

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We arrived at Neiman Marcus in our Uber black town car and took the escalator up to the fourth level to get to the Rotunda restaurant. Afternoon Tea begins at 2:30 and it was about 2:15, but the hostess said it was fine. She asked if we wanted to sit by the window and that sounded good. It looks out on Union Square.


It is named for this:



We ordered the Afternoon tea with champagne. They have quite an extensive offering of wines and cocktails and the regular menu looked interesting with many different options.

We were brought our tea with a little nibble of pastry.



Next we were brought a large brioche with some flavored butter.



Then came the champagne and sandwich, scone and sweets tray. There was a side of assorted spreads. It was an enormous amount of food.



The champagne pours were generous as well.



Everything was delicious. We had to take most of the sweets back to the hotel. I love Afternoon tea. It’s just such a relaxing, indulgent, civilized thing to do in the middle of the day.

While we were sitting there, a model came by wearing a fur coat. Toto, we are not in Boulder anymore. It was a patchwork of different colors and some designer name. It was pretty ugly. Which made it even worse that animals gave their life for it.

All in all, we were very happy with our dining option this afternoon.



If you ever come to Denver and want to have Afternoon tea, the Brown Palace hotel does it every day in their lobby and it is quite nice.

We return to the hotel and take a nap. I may have slept, briefly. But there was a distracting whispering that I could not ignore. “Andrea, there’s awesome shopping to be had. You can’t go home from San Francisco empty-handed.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Zung needs to do some work, so I set off on my own. I went to Zara and got two sweaters. Next I go in search of jeans. There is a 7 for all Mankind store. They have some great jeans and the salesgirl, Ali, who helps me is so cute. I want to ask for her phone number for Nicholas, but I suspect that is a red flag for girls, if a guy’s mom is asking for phone numbers for him. So, I refrain. I bought a pair of jeans and an awesome bracelet. As it turns out, Ali must have been a bit of a bubble-brain. I just got a note from her, thanking me for coming in. Except it was written to Andrew and said that she hoped I and my wife enjoyed the jeans we purchased. She must not have taken very good notes.

Across the street was Joe’s Jeans. That’s really not fair to have two such awesome jean’s stores in such close proximity. However, I had recently purged my closet of several pairs of jeans and needed to replenish. So, into Joe’s I went.

A very nice young man helped me and I bought two more pairs, a skinny pair that had very nice stretch, which made them different enough from the Joe’s dark wash skinny jeans I already have in my closet,  and a pair of flares for petites. There was a young woman there that wanted to interview me for her school project, so I answered her questions.

I was planning to head back to the hotel, as we had fairly early dinner reservations. I didn’t count on getting sidetracked by the Kate Spade store. They have SHOES! I go in and try on two pairs and buy one. Very cute black and white pumps, with little bows on the back. They are inexpensive enough (hey, it’s all relative) that I feel like it will be okay to go back to Macy’s and get the Donald Pliner booties I tried on the day before.

I don’t do that today. Though, I really, really want to. I know I have to get back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

We are dining at Waterbar tonight. It is on the Embarcadero and one of those places that I was warned was “kind of touristy” by a local. Since I am most certainly a tourist, I don’t consider that a bad thing. It was an exceptional experience.


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