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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Tomorrow my house will be full, but there will be a couple of empty chairs. It is the first Thanksgiving in 28 years that Nicholas will not be home. I am so sad about that. We always spend the day with our friends Deborah and Mike, and their youngest, Brennan, is also gone (New York, medical school). They will both be sorely missed. I keep hearing that the little birdies are SUPPOSED to fly to nest. I say bullshit. I want my kids with me every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

On another note, check out the comments section in “About” for Dave G’s video of his trip to Iberostar Grand. Awesome!

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

While Nicholas was getting his free haircut, Zung and I went shopping in Union Square. I checked out the usual suspects for shoes. Neiman’s, Saks, Jimmy Choo’s, Macy’s, Barney’s.

I tried on several pairs. Nothing felt good and I was shocked at how few I even wanted to try on. They all seemed so, vanilla. Saks had some contenders, but they didn’t feel good.

This is what I learned. DON”T try on shoes on the day you travel. The dude at Saks made a comment about that. Let’s just say, I bought no shoes that day. But I didn’t go back to Colorado empty handed. Shoe wise. Hey, this trip was just getting started.

I also tried on this dress at BCBG. I loved it. However, it needed tailoring. The back was open and would have needed the shoulders taken up. I’m still not sure I should have walked away from this one.

photo 1

After Nicholas met up with us at Macy’s, Zung took him over to Macy’s Men and bought him  a shirt and tie, so he would look respectable at dinner tonight. I went off on my own, in search of shoes.

We agreed to meet back at the hotel at a certain time (exactly which time escapes me).  I don’t think I found anything to buy. On Union Square. How sad is that? Don’t worry though. I made up for it, in spades, before we go home.

As I was walking toward the hotel, a dude in a motorized wheelchair was headed towards me and I literally had to leap out of his way.

We go back to the room. Nicholas goes and does laundry. Zung and I rest. We will meet at the restaurant for dinner. We have been up a long time and we have late, 9pm, dinner reservations at Quince.

We are prepared to be amazed. We are not disappointed.



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy your day even though your son will not be home.

  2. Forgot to add that I love that dress. Think you should have gotten it especially if the price was right.

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