First fabulous meal and a free haircut

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We are all hungry. We discuss where to eat and ask Jaime for the menu and decide to just eat there. We move to a table. The food is very good.

Nicholas has a bowl of tomato soup, to start. I forgot to take a picture.

I had a salad. You can build your own. I had them put in romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots and skirt steak. It really hit the spot. The only problem with salads is you have to chew so much and that burns so many calories that you are still hungry when you are done. The steak helped mitigate that.


Nicholas had the One Up (that’s the name of the restaurant and bar) burger, a cheeseburger with bacon, and fries.


Zung had a crab cake sandwich.

DSCN1207I started feeling french fry deprived, so I poached some of Nicholas’s.

I had a glass of wine with my salad. We talk about what we are going to do after lunch. Nicholas says he needs a haircut and he needs to do laundry. I use Yelp to locate a laundromat. I used Yelp several times a day during this trip. We ask Jaime if he knows a good place for a haircut and he tells us about a place just a couple blocks away.

There is a lady across the street in an interesting outfit. This other woman kept coming to talk to her. I blurred her face since I didn’t ask if she wanted her picture on my blog.


The lady with the flamboyant outfit would sometimes sit in the stroller, but there also appeared to be some kind of animal in the stroller. We were guessing either a cat or a small dog.


My phone rang and it was the hotel front desk saying our room was ready.

Jaime took our picture and we finished our lunch and then went to get our keys.


The guy who is going to give us our keys is different from who checked us in. This dude says, “You’re just staying one night?” Ummm, no. Didn’t we go through how long we are staying when we checked in? It takes him a long time and several conversations with other employees before he gets it straightened out. They never explained what the problem was. He did ask if we needed a roll away, because Nicholas was there with us. I am getting annoyed that they can’t get it straight how long we are staying and it is taking so long to get it right, while we just stand there, waiting.

The bell boy takes us up to the room, and HE asks if we need a rollaway. What we need are hand towels, of which there are none, and only one washcloth, and only soap but no other toiletries. I am starting to wonder if in fact this room was cleaned for new guests. I never got around to calling and asking and the next day they fully stock the towels and toiletries, so I still wonder.

The room is on the small side. There is a king sized bed, and the bathroom has one sink and a walk in shower, no tub. The bathroom has a sliding door. There is a vanity table between the closet and the bathroom, with a makeup moro, but the lighting is poor. I guess this is what you get in downtown San Francisco for $400 a night.

Susie sent Nicholas a care package, so we unpack that and give it to him. She had bought some macaroni and cheese mix, but I told her he doesn’t have any cooking facilities, so she didn’t put the things that needed to be cooked into the care package. He lives in an SRO, which is kind of like a long term hotel with shared bathrooms. The housing market in SF is tight and crazy expensive. He’s hoping for something more permanent in the next few months. But this is a four minute walk to his work, and in a safe neighborhood. Two important things.


The day is getting away from us, so we wait to unpack and go in search of a haircut.

We walk the couple blocks to the barber shop Jaime has given us the address of. There is one guy there and he has a client in his chair. He says it will be about twenty minutes.

Nicholas mumbles that he is not sure he wants a haircut here. He says there was a place across the street we passed that he’d like to check out. We leave and go across the street and it’s a Vidal Sassoon salon. As we walk in, Nicholas says, “Hmm, maybe someplace between the two.” This is a hip, happening place, with prices to match, I am sure. We are running out of time though, so I tell him to ask if they have any appointments. They do not, but then the girls behind the counter start talking about a class and the model not showing up. They tell us to wait and go get someone, who is the instructor for a class that is going on downstairs and she looks at his hair and talks to him and agrees to use him as a model for the class, which means he gets the haircut for free. He is told by the woman who shampoos his hair that the woman who will cut his hair charges a minimum of $125 for a haircut.

It will take about an hour, so we leave and go shopping in Union Square. He will come find us when he is done.

I am on the hunt for shoes. No, make that SHOES. And jeans. And I wouldn’t mind some jewelry.

There is a big tent in the middle of Union Square from Nike. It turns out, this is the weekend of the San Francisco women’s marathon. It will get very busy over the next couple of days.

Nicholas calls us when he is done. He looks great! He looks even better when you consider he got a $125 haircut for free.


I have been hunting for shoes while he is getting his hair cut. It’s Union Square in San Francisco for goodness sake! There has got to be a kick ass pair of shoes here!

The hunt is on.


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