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Wednesday, October 16 – Day of departure. I am ready. The last couple weeks at work have been very stressful. Some of the worst of my career. For the newbies, I’m a lactation consultant. 19 years. I love my job. Well, I love the patient contact part of my job. I work in a community hospital and I coordinate the program. I love my management role less than I love my clinical role. I love the part of my management responsibilities where I get to make exciting things happen. The other parts, not so much. It had been a rough couple of weeks, and I was feeling very discouraged and beaten down. I secretly wished I was going to be spending a week in Mexico, laying on the beach. IF only my boy was in Mexico. He wasn’t though. He was in San Francisco and I couldn’t wait to see him. So, San Francisco was our destination.

The first picture is from our Mexico Milestones trip and the one of Nicholas alone is his first day on his new job at Quince (can you tell how proud I am?).


Our flight left at ten o’clock. We wanted to be at the airport by about 8 am so we could eat breakfast before we boarded. We got up early but ended up leaving about 15 min after our target time. Havana is very confused about why she isn’t going. She looks so sad, watching us drive away.


We are making good time to the airport. That is, until we get stopped for speeding. In a construction zone. REALLY???!!!  SERIOUSLY???!!! It’s a big ticket. Grrrr.

We had decided to park in the parking garage so we didn’t have to deal with the shuttle from long term parking. It is SO full! We finally find a spot on the top level and we hope there is no hail storm (that happened to us a couple years ago).


We wheel our bags (three to check and one to carry on) through the parking lot, into the airport and to the Frontier counter to check in. We each had a bag and we had an extra bag full of things we were bringing for Nicholas (his clothes and books that he hadn’t been able to fit in the two bags he took with him when he left), plus the carry on. My bag (the red one) is huge. We affectionally call it the beast. Since it is so large, I am always close to the weight limit and we weigh it at home and make sure it is a few pounds under the 50# limit. I am not going to be wearing just t-shirts and bikinis on this trip. Although, I did only bring 3 pairs of heels. I planned to do some shopping while I’m in San Francisco.

However, when I haul the beast onto the scale at check in, it is over the weight limit.



I take out my bag of toiletries and put it in Nicholas’ bag. It’s 2.5 #. I take out my hairdryer an flatiron. My bag is now down 10#. I’m really sure my hair dryer and flatiron are not 7.5#. I think their scale is defective. We finally get everything redistributed, we get our boarding passes and head for security.

Once through security, we go to Chef Jimmy’s. We always go to Chef Jimmy’s for breakfast before our flights. I’m a little superstitious and bad things can happen if you don’t do the same thing, EVERY SINGLE TIME! And with the speeding ticket and bag over weight limit, we’d already had a couple bad omens. (See my trip report titled “Heart Attack Trip” for another trip with bad omens).

At Chef jimmy’s, I always have a Royal Mimosa, so you can be damn sure I’m not going to break tradition today.


Zung has his traditional cup of coffee.

DSCN1187My traditional drink is way sexier than his.

We are tight on time (what with getting stopped for speeding, not being able to find a parking spot and having to redistribute the weight of our bags). We ask for the check as soon as we get our food (which means no second Royal Mimosa). We pay and eat quickly and go to our gate. We get to board first because Zung is an Ascent member. As soon as we get on the plane I realize that I left my leather jacket at Chef Jimmy’s.

REALLY???!!! SERIOUSLY????!!!!!


I can’t leave it. I need a jacket for the trip. Plus, I really like this jacket. I looked for one like it for years.

I go back and get it. But I am getting really weirded out by all the bad omens.

I take a deep breath, and tell myself that it was a GOOD omen that I remembered my jacket and was able to get it back.

We settle in to our seats.

As I said before, I am a little superstitious. When they go through the safety demo, I make sure to say what I say EVERY time, when they talk about how to work the seatbelt.

“It’s a seat belt. Just like any other seat belt. And if you don’t know how to use it, you probably shouldn’t be out in public unattended.”

Okay. It’ll be all good now.


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  1. uh oh. I hope this isnt a sign of things to come for your trip.

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