Dinner, Peaches and a Final Winery

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I apologize for the fact that I didn’t post anything this past Wednesday. Something came up at work. I also started graduate school last month and there is not a lot of extra time if I get off my schedule.

Erika and I dress and walk to dinner at Caroline’s. It is in a tiny room, and an example of how good things come in small packages. The food was really good. I started with a salad of lettuce, heirloom cherry tomatoes and goat cheese..



I had the filet for my entrée. It was done perfectly medium rare and the sides complemented it nicely.



They did not have any vegan options on the menu, so Erika asked our server what her options were. The chef made her some pasta and vegetables in a wine sauce that she said was quite good.

IMG_0870The chef even came out to check how everything was.

We had dessert.

IMG_0871 IMG_0872


I had wine with m y dinner, but Erika had had enough to drink for the day. After dinner we went outside to listen to the music and watch the bridal party, which was rather entertaining. We then returned to our room and Erika fell asleep quickly.

In the morning we woke up and went to breakfast. They had eggs benedict this morning at the buffet. I ate the benedict and hash browns, but not those gross looking scrambled eggs. The benedict was quite good, for a buffet bennie.



We took showers, packed and checked out. We had one more winery to visit, which was right next to our hotel, Grand River Winery.

DSCN1061 DSCN1050



These were all the wines that I bought there.

And this is what my  trunk looked like.



Their vineyards were right there and they had them labeled, so I took a bunch of pictures.

DSCN1036 DSCN1037 DSCN1038 DSCN1039 DSCN1040 DSCN1042


DSCN1046 DSCN1047


They make quite a variety of wines.

I was pretty excited to see actual grapes on the vines.

DSCN1047 DSCN1043


DSCN1048 DSCN1049DSCN1051


We were trying to do a selfie in front when this guy offered to take a picture of the two of us. The camera did this weird effect. It turned of kind of cool.



Then we finally got a normal one.



We next went to buy peaches. The orchards were right there.

DSCN1062 DSCN1063

We had been asking everyone where the best peaches were. There was no consensus, so we just went to the stand down the road from the hotel. We started loading up on peaches, nectarines and corn, when Erika asked me if I thought this produce was organic. Peaches and nectarines are on the Dirty Dozen list, produce that tends to have high levels of pesticides. We realized that we should have been asking where we could find organic peaches, as opposed to the best. We went ahead and bought stuff there because we were getting tight on time.

There was this cool hay/straw sculpture there.



My trunk was full of wine and peaches. It was time to head home. We hit the road. We stopped in Edwards to get lunch at Larkburger. Yelp led us astray. We had a heck of a time finding it. Yelp did the same thing yesterday when Zung and I were out. In the future, I think I may just start using Yelp to decide on a restaurant and Google Map to find it.

The drive was okay until we got through the Eisenhower tunnel at the Continental Divide. Then it was slow and go. My leg starts to hurt, so Erika drives the last bit. I-25 northbound exit is closed, so we have to go south, turn around and get back on, northbound. We finally arrive home.

It was a fun, quick, trip. I would definitely recommend it.



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  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds like a fun trip. Congrats on graduate school.

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