Let the tasting begin!

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The limo is nice inside. Everything is so close, we never get a real chance to get very comfortable though.

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Our first stop is the Plum Creek winery. The wine we had last night is made here.

We belly up to the bar.  As with every place, they start you with the whites. It has been three months since we did this, and I did not make notes about the individual wines. I can tell you that there were 2 or 3 women serving the wines in a nice little gift shop where they had all kind of kitchy things wine.



I know that I bought a couple of bottles of the red blend, and I think maybe a couple others. The vast majority of the wines I bought have been consumed long ago. This winery  had some cool metal sculptures in front.

DSCN1013 DSCN1018


The next stop was Varaison. At the same time we arrived, a bachelorette party arrived. They have a tasting room, but have us sit outside. We altogether are a group of about ten or twelve. They give us a cup of water first. Then they start us with the whites. The owner gives us a lesson on wine as we taste. It took a while and while Erika and I thought it was really interesting, Randy was less enthusiastic about it and kept telling us we could leave whenever we wanted.

Our host talked about looking for alcohol content to determine if a wine will be good. He says a white should be between 12 and 14%, reds should be between 13.5 and 16%, and a Zinfandel should be between 15-16%. Lower alcohol content is ok for a Pinot Noir. I haven’t really tried this out. One of my favorite inexpensive red blends by Jellybean is only 12.5%, so there goes that rule. He said with whites you should sip it through the center of your tongue, and reds you should let flow over and under your tongue. That really does completely change the way a wine tastes. He also gives us some cocoa dusted almonds and has us chew them up and then sip some wine to demonstrate how it brings out the flavors of the nuts, or any food. If you have some cocoa dusted almonds and want to go try it, I’ll wait here until you get back.



The bachelorette party got bored with it all quickly and they started looking at their phones and texting. It was a bit rude. They were all wearing tutus and the bride had on a veil with a headband.

When it is over, Erika and I go inside and buy some wines.

Next stop is DeBeque. It is a one woman operation and Randy goes behind the counter to help her pour.



We bought some wine here and then went on to our next stop, Garfield. A pregnant lady poured for us here. We of course had to ask her if she was going to breastfeed and had a little chat about some good resources for her.



We bought some wines and I bought a poster of all the different varietals. Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.




We were feeling somewhat toasted at this point. So we did what any reasonable person would do, we stopped at a distillery.



They had a tasting bar, but for some unknown reason I suggested we get some actual drinks. They sounded tasty. And they served them in these cute Mason jars. Who could resist drinks in cute Mason jars?



We went outside to sit down and chat. Randy liked to chat. There was a couple across from us that Randy had a little history with. Apparently, they were not that nice to him when he and his first wife split up. So we did what any normal person would do. I asked them to take a picture of the three of us.



They very nicely took two pictures. To be clear, Randy did not drink anything alcoholic. I think he had a soda, or it may have just been water. I only drank half of my drink because I was REALLY toasted at this point. I do not recommend the distillery stop after four wineries. I actually don’t recommend four wineries. When Zung and I went to Napa last month, we did only two wineries a day. But that’s the next trip report.

We are done, with a capital D. Randy delivers us back to our hotel. We have just missed the wine tasting they have there every evening. I don’t think I could have drank any more right now anyway.

I had booked 4 hours with Randy, but we had stayed out a little longer, so it was a little more expensive that we planned. Not a lot, but if you are on a strict budget, it’s good to keep in mind.

He put our wines in my car and Erika and I go to our room and try to recover before dinner. I’d made a reservation at the hotel restaurant, Caroline’s before we left for the wine tasting. We had a couple hours. We needed it. We’d had a lot to drink! But it had been fun and we had accumulated a number of wines to remember our trip by.


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