Pre-Winery Activities (Eating and then eating)

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Erika and I wake up hungry on Saturday morning. There is a breakfast buffet that is included with our room. We go eat breakfast first. The buffet has your standard offerings, and there is enough for Erika to eat that she is happy. The hash browns are good and there is bacon, so I am happy. There is indoor seating, but it is pretty full. We go outside, by the pool. It is really sunny, so I go back to the room and get our sunglasses. After we eat we walk around a little. It looks like there is going to be a wedding later.

We go back to the room and shower and then go to the pool to lay in the sun for awhile.



DSCN0998 DSCN0996 DSCN0999 DSCN1001


The hotel is so cute and plopped down in some gorgeous country.

We dip our toes in the pool but it is too cold, so we sit in the hot tub for a bit.

We go back to the room and get dressed and then drive to main street to get some lunch.

DSCN1004 DSCN1005


That’s main street. I think this must be THE definition of a sleepy, little town. There were lot’s of American flags and not many cars.

I can’t remember the name of the place we ate, but it was decent. Erika had a salad with a black bean burger.



I had a shrimp po’boy. The fries were no where nearly as good as the fries at the Grand.



After lunch, Erika needs to find an ATM. We are told that there is one in the grocery store, which is just across the street. While the building is just across the street, the entrance is on the other side, and we have a heck of a time finding it. But, find it we do, and she withdraws her money. May I say, aren’t ATM’s one of the best inventions ever?

We are suddenly tight on time and make it back to the hotel just in time to meet our limo at 1 o’clock. Our driver is waiting for us in the lobby.

Randy Sheldon, the owner of a Touch With Class Limo service, would be our driver and entertainment for the day.



It’s show time!



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