One last Cucumber Mojito and then Good-bye

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Zung and I walked past the pool and then took a right and walked to the door to the main building that is by L’Atelier. Up the stairs and make another right and walk down to the Grand hall. We make another right in the atrium and head towards the Lobby.

Walking towards us is none other than sweet Daniel. I am so glad to see him. He has some deep scratches on his face, but did not need stitches and it is not nearly as bad as I had envisioned. He asks when we are leaving and I ask where he is working. He is at the Pool Bar. I tell him I will meet him there. I glance into the Lobby and do not see Joe and David, the couple we were trying to meet.

Joe messaged me after they got back from their trip and said we apparently just missed them. They got in early and their room was ready right at 1 o’clock. He said they asked for us everywhere they went and they kept just missing us. Apparently, the same thing happened with Daniel.

Zung was not up for a walk back to the pool, so he stayed in the Lobby and I went to the Pool Bar. Daniel is there. I am so relieved, knowing that he is okay.



You can see the scratches in this picture.



He tells me he was looking for me everywhere. He went to Building 70, and Victor said we’d just left. He went to Las Brisa and they told him we’d just left. He went to the Lobby and when he didn’t find us there, he gave up, and then there we were. Between him and Joe and David, the staff at the Grand was probably wondering if we owed someone money and that’s why so many people were looking for us at the same time.

Daniel says he is feeling better and so is his son, Matthew. He makes me my last vacation Cucumber Mojito. He gives me a healthy rum floater.



We chat while I drink it. He tells me about the plans he and Humberto and Steve and Janelle are making for when they return in August. I really want to come back in August, but I just don’t think I can swing it. As it turns out, I was not able to make that trip. And I am not sure when my next trip will be, other than some time in January with Karen. First world problems for sure.

I say good-bye to Daniel. I honestly was not trying to match his uniform with my shirt.



I walk back to the Lobby. Our ride from Cancun Valet is there, ready and waiting. They are so damn punctual!

The ride to the airport is quick and uneventful. We always plan our return ride for 2 1/2 hours from when our flight is supposed to leave. It always works out perfectly. There is plenty of time to shop and sometimes, time to get a bite to eat.

When we check in we ask if we can be upgraded to stretch seating. They will upgrade Zung for free because he is an Ascent member, but they want to charge me. Usually they will do a package upgrade for free since we are traveling together. We decline.

We go through security and then spend money in the Duty Free shop.

Havana wants to buy some Havana Club. “It’s my namesake!” she argues.



Since we have discovered Zaya rum, we have decided to stop our rum running and be law-abiding citizens. We keep our purchases to perfume and legal liquor (tequila for Nicholas and Grey Goose for Dave, our favorite Frontier flight attendant).

We go to the gate and realize that they changed the gate. I hate it when they do that.

Havana and I commiserate that our vacation is over. My index finger is her sad face (gotta cover up that perpetual smile).



On the plane I have a bottle of Zinfandel (it’s not really a real WHOLE bottle). At home we open the bottle of Barcelo rum that Alfonso gave us.

DSCN0921 DSCN0924


I’ll start my liver detox tomorrow.

This brings an end to my trip report. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. I will be taking a 2 week hiatus from my blog. Zung and I are off on another adventure on Wednesday. We are going to San Francisco to see Nicholas and eat at Quince, the restaurant where he works. Check out his blog at www.untilthenumbersend. wordpress com. He has only posted a few times because he works his butt off. But he is an amazing writer and it will leave you wanting more.

After San Francisco, we will go to Napa to taste wine. We’ve wanted to make this trip for a long time. While I am looking forward to it, a piece of my heart will be in Mexico.

When I return I will blog another excellent adventure with my best friend, Erika. It was basically a pre-game for Napa. We spent a weekend in Palisade, Colorado — Colorado’s wine country.

So check back here on Sunday, October 27th.




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  1. I am always sad when you reports of the Grand end. But I am very excited about these new adventures!

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