Last Lunch

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I go to the beach. I wish I was at the beach right now. Since I’m not, I will have to live vicariously through my memories.

My wonderful waiter for the past week, Gustavo, brought me a bottle of water and I ordered a Coco Loco. I think I mentioned before that they are like drinking a cloud. I lay out in the sun. Zung joins me. We go in the water, one last time. We layout some more. Well, I lay out. He lays in. IN the shade.

Jonathan, the Starfriend, comes by to chat. Too soon, it is 11:00 and time to go in and shower and finish packing. Gustavo asks when we are coming back. My answer to this question is and has been the same, January, with Karen, for sure, but hopefully sooner. I don’t know if I can swing a trip sooner, but after a really lousy day at work, I’m sure going to try. Sweet Gustavo says we should come back in December, for Christmas. He has been a most awesome beach waiter.

We go back to our room, finish the shoe photo shoot, shower and finish packing. You can tell the photo shoot was done at different times because the sky is different in half of the pictures. The bell boy arrives promptly at noon and takes pur bags, and us, to the Lobby. We pay and check out. We are given a ticket to show the bell boy when we leave, so he will give us our luggage. The ticket is how he knows not to hold your luggage hostage when you want to leave.

We walk to Las Brisa. We walk by the pool bar, looking for Daniel. He is not there. I am hoping he is just at lunch, and not still out because of his injuries from the day before.

Lunch is amazing.

Olivia is making ceviche. I love ceviche.

DSCN0903 DSCN0905


They are grilling lamb chops. I love lamb chops.



Zung has a little of this, and a little of that (did he really not have shrimp fajitas?).



I had some white wine, my lunch beverage of choice.



We ordered a plate of french fries, hot and crispy! They delivered THE BEST FRIES EVER!!! Seriously, this was the best plate of fries I have ever had. They were AMAZING. The crunchiness was sublime.



We finished up with some dessert.

DSCN0911It was a really, really good last lunch.

Havana was sad for it to all end. Although, you can’t tell she’s sad, because she is always smiling. Always. Smiling. It’s as if someone sewed a smile on to her face.



It was one o’clock, and I had made tentative plans to meet a couple who were just arriving that day, at the Lobby Bar. Zung and I left Las Brisa, swung by the pool bar to see if Daniel was there. He was not. I was feeling very worried about him and very sad not to get to say goodbye.

Little did I know…



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  1. You had my favorite lunch, ceviche and grilled lamb chops, although the made to order Caesar salad is good too.

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