Travel Day – Shoe Photo Shoot

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I woke up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. If anyone has a great cure for insomnia, shoot me a comment. I would love to know what works.

We wake up to partly cloudy skies. There has been a decided dearth of Zungrise pictures this trip. Oh yea, that palm tree blocking the view thing. Never mind.

We are nothing if not creatures of habit. Off to Bella Vista for breakfast.

The hostess asked where the starfish (Havana) is. Well, the truth is, she drank too much last nigh and is back in the room, nursing a hangover.



Zung has his last vacation omelette.


I order the lobster blini’s. These normally come three to a plate, but they are so rich that I always ask for just two. It always feels extremely decadent to eat lobster for breakfast. This dish also normally comes with salmon roe (aka caviar), but I ask them to hold that.



While I am waiting for them to bring it, I go get mango and bacon. It takes a LONG time for the blini’s to arrive.

Since I am not planning to go to the Lobby Bar this morning (trying to get in as much beach time as I can), I order a Mimosa.



I leave Zung to his coffee and newspaper and I go to our building and sit in the lobby area to check my email.

When he comes back we go back to the room and pack.

Next we do a shoe photo shoot until the camera battery dies.

See, I DO wear flippies to the beach. I got these in New Orleans last year.


These are Charles David. I got them in San Diego, a few years ago. I was at a conference and played hooky for a couple of hours and went shopping at the oh so conveniently located shopping mall nearby. They were on sale. You can’t tell, but they are navy blue suede.



These are Coach shoes that I bought at the Nordstrom Rack on Zung’s birthday a couple of years ago. Screaminly good deal an soooo comfortable.

These are Jimmy Choos. I bought them a few months ago at Neiman Marcus in Colorado at full price. Worth every penny because they are freaking fabulous.



Fendi’s. I bought these at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York when I went shopping with Karen, about 5 years ago. Saks Shoe department has its own zip code. True. I paid full price for these too. And again, worth it because of the fabulous factor.



Christian Dior. I got these for my 50th birthday at Nordstrom in Colorado. They were on sale and are so comfortable, I feel guilty for not paying full price.



These are my only pair of Christian Louboutin’s. I got them from Neiman Marcus in Colorado for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago. I love the look of Louboutin’s, but they don’t tend to be that comfortable and my foot often slips out of them when walking, so this may be the only pair I will ever own. I plan to keep looking though! (Full price, but they were bucket list shoes).




Manolo Blahnik’s that I found at Nordstrom Rack at a drop dead good deal.



We had to do the shoe shoot in two sessions because the camera battery died and we had to recharge it. In between I went to the beach. It was a beautiful day. Mexico was not going to let me go so easily this time.




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  1. The Jimmy Choos are my favorite!
    For insomnia…I need to do something to distract myself from the fact that I can’t sleep. Lately it would be playing a game on my ipad, but it could also be reading a book or doing math puzzles.

  2. I wish you had a like or a really like button next to your shoe pictures. I loved them all…

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