Daniel’s Mishap & Good-byes

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I ask Steve where is Daniel? He tells me he went to the hospital. WHAT?? Did he get sicker? Steve tells me that he did not get sicker. He said Daniel was cleaning up and they were organizing the room behind the pool bar (they go down some steps, so it’s underground), where they keep all the pool bar supplies. A warm bottle of beer was dropped and it shattered. Glass went everywhere and Daniel’s face got cut.


I was beside myself with worry and I was imagining the worst.

We get Rum and Cokes and I ask Marcelino how Daniel is. He says he is ok, but will be out for a day or two. If he is out for two days, we will not see him before we leave. This makes me sad, and I am very worried about him. He has had a very tough week.

Steve is making a mojito. He is concentrating very hard on it. Janelle tells me they asked Daniel what the secret was to a good mojito and he said most people strip the leaves off the stems and use only the leaves, but the stems have all the good flavor and you should leave the leaves on the stems.

Who knew?

After they drink their mojitos, they go to their room to get ready to leave.

We go hang out at the beach and then when it is time for lunch, we go to Las Brisa and eat lunch with them.




They were grilling lobsters outside, so that is what I had. Zung had a little of this and a little of that.



Havana was sad that Steve and Janelle were leaving. She drowned her sorrows in some white wine. She drank a lot and got tipsy. Literally. That starfish just can’t hold her liquor.



We say good-bye to Steve and Janelle. We hang out at Las Brisa a little longer and it is almost two by the time we go back to the beach. The massage people come by and ask if they can give us our masssages at 2:30 instead of 4. We say sure, and at the agreed upon time we go to the massage hut. I don’t enjoy my massage. I just didn’t like his technique and couldn’t wait for it to be over. It actually gave me a headache. Zung said his massage was good.

We laze on the beach some more and then go back to the room to drink the champagne they had left in our room before that we had not yet drunk.

DSCN0848DSCN0851 DSCN0855


It has been a relaxing day, except for the worrying about Daniel part.

Tonight is the Stars Under the Stars party. There is an International buffet at Bella Vista and there is music, and tables and bars set up outside. We are not into dinner buffets so we head to Venecia for our last dinner.


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