Beatles Tribute Show

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We hang out for a bit in the bar. Tonight is the new Beatles Tribute show. Everyone says it is a great show and we love the Beatles and have been looking forward to it since we first heard about it. The Star Friends are all decked out in their Beatles regalia.


Zung and I decide to head over to the theatre. Quick pic before we leave.


They really have an elaborate setting for the show.



We sit down.


The show starts at ten. It is songs sung by the five singers on the entertainment team. These people are different from the Star Friends. They just do the shows. There are the singers and the dancers. Alvaro is one of the dancers who we look orward to seeing every visit. We don’t see him this time because he is on vacation.

Zung took a gazillion pictures, but they really are all too dark with just a few exceptions.

This guy had great energy.

DSCN0794 DSCN0795 DSCN0818 DSCN0802


DSCN0800 DSCN0809 DSCN0821

The show was good, but at the end, it got a little confusing. They did a wrap-up and then the singers came out and started singing non-Beatles songs. It was late and all of a sudden we started feeling exhausted. We didn’t know when it was going to end. We decided to leave and go back to the room. We saw Janelle and said hi.

The room is decorated nicely.


There is a bubble bath drawn, but we are too tired to do anything but go to sleep.



Zung said it was a very nice 66th birthday.



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