Tulum Part Dos

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My post, “A Special Visitor” had an error in it. I said the rum that Alfonso brought was from Guatemala. It was actually from the Dominican Republic. I have corrected it. I don’t know how I screwed that up.

For those of you who followed the link to my son, Nicholas’ blog, and are wondering when he is going to post an update, he says soon. But I think he is using “soon” the same way they use “some” in Mexico. It’s non-committal and vague.  He does tell me he is loving his job at Quince and he is working his butt off. 60 hours a week. And with the overtime that pays, he may just be able to afford living in San Francisco. He doesn’t have a lot of time off, or a lot of energy to write when he gets home well after midnight. Hopefully there will be an update “soon”.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

We rested for a bit after lunch. There are kids nearby, making kid noises.I miss the quiet of the Grand.

We take another walk, in the other direction.

We past Zulum Hotel. They apparently serve sushi and pizza.



This picture looks freaking amazing. I just wish it had looked that amazing when I was there, taking the picture. I didn’t see these blues at all.




Looking good at 66! Bring on that Social Security check!



A couple walks by and were taking pictures of each other, so I volunteered to take a picture of the two of them. One of them then reciprocated.

DSCN0700 DSCN0702


Havana informed us that she had not been in enough pictures, so we remedied that.

DSCN0704 DSCN0705


Zung took several pictures of coconuts from different distances. I was over the coconuts by this time, but thought this picture was pretty.



We tracked down our waiter and paid our bill. It was just about three o’clock, so we headed out front to meet Daniel the driver. He was waiting for us.



Zung took a lot of pictures as we headed back to the Grand.

DSCN0711 DSCN0712


DSCN0715 DSCN0716


Tulum was nice, but I was not wowed by it the way I thought I would be. It looked like a pleasant town, and I kind of wished we’d ventured into it for a bit. Maybe next time.

We stop by the pool bar and get Cucumber Mojitos. Daniel the bartender (aka “my” Daniel) is feeling better. He says he is 82% today. And then he grins that impish grin.

We lay on the beach for a bit. I like this beach. It is a fine beach. It is a beautiful beach.



We head back to the room. We stop at the concierge desk to get our new room keys. They weren’t working in the morning and they said they would have new ones for us when we returned from Tulum. They are not there.

The butler lets us into our room and we get ready for our dinner on the beach.



When we go down to go to dinner, they have our keys, except mine did not work later on. I think it might be because I am putting it in my wristlet with my phone.

We are ready for a romantic dinner on the beach.



If I do say so myself, we are a fine-looking couple.


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