Happy Birthday Zung! Trip to Tulum!

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Zung’s birthday finds us up early. Apparently, there were no Zungrise pictures. Or pictures of breakfast a Bella Vista. I think the battery for the camera might have been in recharge mode.

The driver is coming at 9, so we eat breakfast and go back to the room and get ready for Tulum. Our key card does not work. We keep having problems with it. It could be that I’ve been keeping my phone in my wristlet and that is a keycard killer.

I have muled some items for an expat named Andrew, who lives in Puerto Adenturas, which is on the way to Tulum, so I told him we would just make a stop on our way. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything like drugs or money. It was a coffee carafe, an oven thermometer, and some other items like that. I was on the forum and someone I kinduv know was looking for a mule. By the time I responded, she had several offers and Andrew asked if I could bring some things for him. If you have the opportunity to do this, it’s very much appreciated. I brought Daniel a computer when I was here in January. I bought that and he reimbursed me. Andrew ordered all of his things and had them sent to my house. Either way, help out if the opportunity presents itself.

We gather together Andrew’s items. Ricardo, the bell boy with the very deep voice, calls  us and says our driver is here and waiting for us. Jesus gives us a golf cart ride to the Lobby. I tell him this is our first time to Tulum and he is shocked that we have never been before. We had planned to go 5 years ago, when we were at the Lindo with the kids. That was the heart attack trip though and those plans got deep-sixed.

Daniel, our driver, is waiting for us with a clean, late-model SUV. I call Andrew and he tells the driver where to meet him. Daniel drives us there. It is about halfway. Andrew offered recommendations for Tulum. I had him tell Daniel where to take us. I’m so glad I did. I had this vision of Tulum as much smaller. I figured I’d just ask our driver to take us to “a beach club”. Tulum is a quaint town, with small roads, but there are a lot of hotels and beach clubs, and our driver was not that familiar with it.

Andrew has instructed him to take us to Ziggy’s. He drops us off and will be back at 3 pm. We enter the lobby, which is a hotel lobby. The man at the desk shows us where to go to get to the beach club. There is a bar and it is all a little confusing at first. There is a bar, then you walk down to the beach where there are tables on one side and beach beds on the other side.



The hotel is behind us.



We forgot towels, but the beds were comfortable, with pillows. Zung doesn’t like to be in the sun, so we pulled it into a shady spot.



A waiter came by and we ordered a Havana and Coke for me and a Mango Margarita for Zung. The service was decent for drinks.

We take a walk down the beach.



DSCN0666 DSCN0667 DSCN0668

DSCN0669 DSCN0670


The ocean looks a lot bluer in these pictures than it did in person. I have to say, while it was pretty, I didn’t think it was better than what we have back at the Grand. Daniel and Alfonso had said it was amazing, the colors of the ocean. That’s what the pictures looked like. But I didn’t find that to be the case.

We laid on the bed and worried a bit about the coconut tree next to us and the coconuts above us.




There is a widely circulated myth that 150 people die each year by falling coconuts. It is called, “Death by coconut,” but I don’t think it is substantiated. Still, those coconuts made me nervous.

I ordered a Mudslide. Shortly after, we decided to eat lunch and moved over to the table area.

DSCN0673 DSCN0678 DSCN0680DSCN0681


I peruse the menu.



There are several different kinds of ceviche. It all looks so good.

Until it doesn’t.

All of a sudden I feel like crap. Not hungry at all. I tell Zung I have to go lay down. I recognize this feeling, but am not sure how it snuck up on me. I am dehydrated. I go lay down and drink some water until I feel better.

I told Zung to go ahead an eat without me. He orders coconut shrimp. Well, you KNEW it would be some kind of shrimp, didn’t you? The shrimp are served in a coconut.



He has a Modelo.


And enjoys the spectacular view.


I was sorry he had to eat alone, especially on his birthday. But, I wouldn’t have been good company. I hate it that I still allow the dehydration monster to sneak up on me. It seems to happen at least once a trip when the weather is warm.

I returned when I felt better. I waited for a waiter to come take my order. When that didn’t happen, I went looking for someone. The waiter I find asks me all kinds of questions. Finally, he realizes HE is our waiter and takes my order. It takes forever for it to arrive. Once it does though, it is delicious. Spicy.

DSCN0689After lunch, we go lay down to rest up for another walk.



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  1. Sorry you did not feel well at ziggys its our most favorite place and will stay for 2nights next year. The general manager took us through the rooms and they are beautiful

  2. Tulum is my most favorite place!! Next time try Le Zebra,one of my favorite lunch spots with a great beach!

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