Surprise Visitor Bearing Gifts of Rum

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Dinner is at the gourmet restaurant, L’Atelier. They have changed the menu since the last time I was here, and this will be my first time trying it. L’Atelier is a nice restaurant, but it has always ranked as my least favorite. I am anxious to see what the new offerings are. For those who are fans of the Lobster Thermidor, don’t worry, it is still on the menu.

We see Luis, the sommelier, but we get the Daimon again. We really like it.


Zung had the Bouillabaisse.


I had the Paté Campaign.


Zung has the Sea Bass Papillote.


I had the Tournedos.


We had the Crepes Suzette.


It is all good.

Zung orders the Mayan Coffee, but they won’t do the table-side show. They say they don’t do it this early because then everyone sees it and wants it.


Zung says it never tastes as good without the show.


We take pictures in front of the restaurant.


One with Olivia!


Zung by the pool at night.


We go back to the room and run into Steve and Janelle, who are on their way to dinner.

I LOVE Janelle’s dress.


In our room there is a bottle of champagne on ice and chocolate covered strawberries and a chocolate sculpture.  (We still haven’t drank the wine that was in our room when we arrived).


I drank a lot of wine at dinner, so we skip the champagne. When we were at dinner I asked for more wine, not realizing we had finished the bottle and he had to open another bottle. I drink some at the restaurant and then took a glass with me. I would not have asked for more if I’d known the first bottle was empty, and then I felt like I had to drink a lot from the second bottle to make it worth it for him to open it.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

We plan to go to Casino night in the theatre tonight, but when we arrive, all the tables are full so we just go to the Lobby Bar. I have finished the wine and order a chocolate martini and Zung orders a Margarita.


I go over to the Lobby to exchange some money. We go through the ritual of me giving her my passport and then she brings the money. She is counting it out and then she looks up and looks to the left of me. I turn and Alfonso Lopez is standing right next to me, grinning. He has caught me by surprise. Hugs and kisses. He says he has some rum. He goes in the back first and then the Lobby Desk Clerk finishes counting my money. Alfonso comes back out with Gabriel, the Assistant GM and we walk towards the bar. Alfonso leaves to go get the rum and Gabriel and I chat a bit. He says the new GM is arriving from Spain next week.

Alfonso has two bottles  Ron Barcelo from the Dominican Republic. One bottle for Zung and I and one for Steve and Janelle. They arrive shortly thereafter and Steve says he can’t take his back home with him because he did carry on.

We will just have to drink it tonight.


And drink it we do. The boys drink it on ice. I drink it neat. I drink a lot. At one point I drop my glass and it shatters and there is rum all over Janelle and I.

If I hadn’t had so much to drink I probably would have been embarrassed. As it was, I just asked for another glass and drank some more.

The lighting in this picture isn’t so great, but I love Alfonso’s smile.


He is doing well in his new job at El Dorado Seaside Suites. He said it was just a good time to make a change. Change is good. He will be missed at the Grand though. It was exceptionally nice of him to bring us some amazing rum to drink and take home.

Drink it we did.



I may have been holding on to the bar to stand up in this picture.

Just kidding.

Zung and I went back to the room when I knew I’d had enough.

I slept well that night and had no hangover in the morning. That speaks to the quality of the rum. Zung and I are still enjoying our bottle that we brought home.

Steve — I am SO glad you did carry on this trip.


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