Olivia, at last and Daniel returns

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Staying up past midnight did not stop us from waking up early. The only thing to do when you wake up early is go eat breakfast, at Bella Vista.

Lat night was cool moon photos. This morning was cool sun effects photos.

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At Bella Vista we were seated, our drink orders were taken and I went to the buffet. There she was. Finally. Olivia. She was at her omelette station. I told her I had been looking for her and asking about her. She said they’d had her working at the Maya/Lindo for the last couple days. I asked her if she did that often and she said she does it when her boss tells her to.

She is pregnant and due the first week in September. I ask if she knows what she is having and she says a boy. Her third boy. She says, “I am a boy maker.”

I had the same thing I’d been having every morning for breakfast. In fact, I could be using the same picture and you’d never know. They did stop servicing the tater tots for a few days and I missed them. I might have mentioned before that I love potatoes in all forms.



Zung’s breakfasts didn’t have any more variety than mine did.



We went and did our thing at the Lobby Bar. My thing included drinking two Mimosas. I am still hungry and have a pastry from the bar. Zung has his cappuccino.

We walk back to our room, taking the outdoor route. No butler comes by to cheat us out of our most strenuous exercise of the day. We pass this sign. Very odd.



They are always hard at work maintaining the landscaping. And they do it the old-fashioned way, with a machete. Whack, whack, whack! Take that, you overgrown bush!



Zung was really into artistic views this trip.



We go to the beach. I have a coke. Just a plain old coke. I am still hungry, so I have a Mudslide, which is like a milkshake for grownups. I don’t know why I am so hungry this morning.

Steve and Janelle came by bearing gifts. A Batman graphic novel for Zung for his birthday, a shoe ornament for me (which will go perfectly on my shoe  ornament tree) and a pair of earrings for me, blue discs with silver stars. Janelle said the star is for Iberostar (of course) and the blue is for the ocean.

We chat for a while and then they go to the pool. I run into Daniel and he tells me he went to the doctor yesterday and had strep throat and had to get a shot of antibiotics. He said he went home and went to bed and woke up at 2 in the morning and was so congested that he couldn’t breathe and he got up and went out to a pharmacy to get medicine so he could breathe. He said he was feeling better today, but that his son was sick too. Poor Daniel. I wanted to make him eat some chicken soup.

I went by the pool bar and Steve was there and I told him about Daniel. It turns out that Steve is a germaphobe and he asks me what kind of antibiotics he should get at the airport because he knew he would get strep to because he’d been around Daniel. I gave him my speech about not taking antibiotics if you aren’t sick because it creates superbugs.

Does he LOOK like he listened to me?



Janelle was really stylin’ today. Her bikini matched her drink floatie.




Daniel makes Steve, Janelle, Zung and I Cuke Mo’s.



We see Eduardo climb up a ladder to the roof of the pool bar. He is in a silly outfit.


Something is up.



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  1. Andrea,

    Your morning ritual includes going to the lobby bar for Mimosas and social networking. Will the availability of WiFi throughout the resort change your routine, or are you a creature of habit?


  2. I love the drink floatie. Where do you get those?

  3. Bruce – I imagine the resort wide wifi will result in us not going to the Lobby Bar in the morning. For a couple years they had wifi in Bella Visat and I used to read the news while I ate breakfast. At home I usually do my social media stuff before I get out of bed in the morning. I’ll probably just order my Mimosas with breakfast.

    coopergoblue – check back Wednesday!

    Mon – I believe Janelle got those from the Oriental Trading Comoany.

  4. That Green sign with the circle in the middle is an Emergency Evacuation Meeting Point. incase of a fire or something like that. Love reading your reports 🙂

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