Rockstar Moment, Lobby Bar and Midnight Room Service

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DSCN0487We walked back to the room. I can’t remember why we went back to the room, but Zung took some amazing shots of the full moon along the way.



DSCN0492 DSCN0493




I know that’s a lot of pictures of the moon, but aren’t they amazing? That’s not even all of the ones he took, just the best ones.

I sat in the Lobby area of our building and checked some pressing things on my iPhone. I can’t remember what they were either, but they must have been very pressing. I continued to enjoy my wine. Havana takes a nap. That’s what she called it. Some might call it passed out. But she did revive for the rest of the evening, so maybe it was just a nap.



We started to head over to the Lobby Bar when a couple passed us. She said something like, “It’s Andrea!” She reads my blog. I didn’t write their names down, but I want to say Kerry and Kim. I keep thinking I wrote things down, but can’t find then and wonder if one of these days I’m gong to come across all these notes somewhere. It was my only rockstar moment of the trip.

She had been to the Grand before. It was his first time. They were loving it.



We chatted for a bit and then we wished each other good vacations and continued on to our destinations.

To the Lobby Bar we go, to the Lobby Bar we go, down the path, up the stairs, down the hall, to the Lobby Bar we go. (To the tune of “Over the River and Through the Woods”).

We say hello to Ahleli.


Humberto is at the Lobby Bar tonight. I get a chocolate martini. I’m nothing if not predictable.

DSCN0501 DSCN0502


I had to choose between a picture where Humberto had a better smile or where Havana looked better. I went with Humberto. Hey, I love Havana, but she doesn’t make me chocolate martinis.

Zung had a margarita.



We turned our backs for one minute and Havana got into trouble. She was saying. ‘I’ve never tasted theeeessse!” She’s such a lush.



It was quiet in the Lobby Bar tonight. We chatted with one of the Starfriends. His name is with those misplaced notes. He tells us he has family in Arizona. What a coincidence. We lived in Arizona. For three years. A long time ago. Small word, eh?

It got busier after the show. Apparently, a lot of people go to the show and get thirsty and then come to the Lobby Bar to quench that thirst. I wonder if they know there is drink service in the Theatre? WIth waitresses and everything.

Steve and Janelle showed up. Janelle had a Cosmopolitan.



We chatted with them for a while and then headed back to the room. Havana saw thee beautiful flower arrangements in the Lobby and started in with, “These are so pretty. I haven’t had my picture taken here. You should take my picture here. I match the pink in the flowers.” It’s easier just to take the picture than argue with her.



And of course, I wanted to have my picture taken with the pretty flowers. I guess we know where she gets it from.



When we got back to the room, we ordered room service. I asked them to bring chips and guac and salsa. They brought chips and guac. It was yummy and we ate it. I could have called for the salsa. You see, the thing is, while I may appear to be high maintainance, I really am pretty easy-going on vacation.

DSCN0510See how late we stayed up? I like to order room service around midnight at least once, because, well, because I can!

Now I am going to shamelessly promote my son, Nicholas’ blog. It’s It’s about his adventure to San Francisco to work as a chef in a high end restaurant. He left on a plane with two bags, half of that space taken up with cook books, and his computer and some clothes. He didn’t have a job or a place to live. One down. Read his blog to see which one he got first.



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  1. San Francisco is such an AMAZING foodie city! We JUST got back from there (we were in California for 2 weeks and started there for 4 nights)- stayed across the street from the Ferry Building and on the Saturday we left I was in tears at the Farmer’s Market- so incredible! Lots of luck to Nicholas- it sounds like he is off to a fantastic start! You must be so proud-

  2. We are incredibly proud of him. We are going to take a trip to San Francisco and Napa in October and will get the opportunity to eat at Quince, where he is working.

  3. We live in the east bay area of California about 35 minutes from sf. We don’t make it to sf very often intact not much at all but it would be fun to go and tell your son we read your blog

  4. I love those pictures of the moon. The Havanna sightings are too funny. She’s a busy little thing. Of course we get it but I wonder if other people at the resort see you with the star fish and think to themselves “what is that lady doing”. Lol.

  5. I like being a little eccentric. It was funny, one day towards the end of our week, I forgot to take her to breakfast. The hostess asked me where she was! Too funny!

    1. That’s funny. Guess the staff like her too.

  6. Wishung Nicholas all the best!

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