The Grand’s Artwork and Toni’s Again

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We now return to our regularly scheduled trip report.

We had just left the Lobby Bar, after learning Daniel had gone home sick. We took a lot of photos as we made our way back to the beach. The Grand is so beautiful and there is an eclectic collection of art.






The next two pictures were taken in the same place in the atrium. The first one is looking toward the lobby and the next one is looking toward the grand hall to the rooms.


DSCN0467 DSCN0465


They have this boat outside of the Italian restaurant. I suppose “gondola” is the proper term for this vessel.





Havana was being quite the photo hog. This is a chair in the hall where the rooms are in the main building.



This is outside the Gourmet restaurant, L’Atelier. At night, when the restaurant is open, they put bottles of wine on it.



Making our way back to the beach has taken such a long time, we need to stop by the pool bar and get rum and cokes. It’s very hot and very important to stay hydrated.

We take our rum and cokes and make another stop at the concierge desk to arrange our beach dinner. It takes a long time. That’s what I wrote in my notes, but I didn’t write why it took a long time.

We finally make it back to the beach. I drink some water, having finished the rum and coke long ago. We read. We nap. I drink a Coco Loco.

When it is time, we head back to the room to get ready for dinner.




I napped on the balcony sofa while Zung showered. I don’t usually nap so much.

We ate at Toni’s again. Tonight we went with a wine on the all-inclusive list. It was a find. It was so delicious. It was called Daimon. I know we’ve had it before, because I remember the label, but it must have been a different year, because I would have remembered a wine this delicious.


Zung had the scallops for his app. I love how they sneak the “star” in the most unexpected places.



I had the Ceasar salad for an app. Hold the anchovies, please. Except they didn’t. Anchovies are another one of those things I’ve never had, but am certain I wouldn’t like.





They brought the sorbet to cleanse our palate. I never eat more than a couple bites. It’s too limey for me.



I had the Osso Bucco. It was very good. It’s not a dish for everyone though. It’s very tender but has a very strong taste.


Zung had the Surf and Surf. It’s not on the menu, but you can order the Surf and Turf and tell them to hold the Turf. Or, just ask for two lobster tails. He got a side of the Lyonnaise potatoes and asparagus and mushrooms.



We enjoyed the chocolate cake for dessert.


Havana had to have her picture taken on the table with the wine bottles. I think I’ve created a monster.



I wonder why they have a sitting area in the Asian and Surf and Turf restaurants, but not in the Gourmet and Italian?

The wine was so good, I took some to go.



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