Frasca Food and Wine Part 2

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I know, I know. It’s Thursday morning and I promised a Wednesday night post. I was hangin’ with my best friend, Erika, last night. I got LASIK 4 weeks ago and some days, by the end of the day, my eyes don’t see so well. Last night was one of those nights. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Back to our Frasca dinner.

We placed our food order. Bobby came over to talk wine. Bobby Stuckey is a master sommelier, but Matt Mather is the wine program director and Matt usually does our wine service. He knows exactly what we like and makes perfect picks every time. However, it was Patrick’s 21st birthday and Bobby wanted to know what Patrick liked. They had a nice little chat and came up with two excellent choices, a white and a red.



They don’t just pour the wine at Frasca. They tell you all about where it came from and about the winery, and in this case, some stories about the vintner. Bobby has personally met him. Bobby has great stories!

He poured for Patrick to taste.

DSCN0947Patrick pronounced it delicious and it was.

Also in that picture is the plate of a complementary sample of salumi they prepared for each of us. It had prosciutto (they have the BEST prosciutto), speck, salami, cole slaw and frico caldo, which is best described as cheesy potatoes elevated to amazingness.

There was also an olive. I don’t eat olives because I don’t think I’d like them. Nicholas was sure I would like this olive and tried very hard to convince me to eat it. I, like the mature adult that I am, refused. We even pulled poor Peter (the manager) into it. He looked very sorry that he had chosen that moment to see how things were going at our table. He smiled and slowly backed away when Nicholas insisted he tell me I had to eat the olive and that I would like it. He said I probably wouldn’t like it if I didn’t like olives, because it was, after all, an olive. I did not eat it. My rationale was that all the other things on the plate had tasted so delicious, I wanted deliciousness on my tongue and not something I probably wouldn’t like.

They brought an amuse bouche. Usually, this is just a bite of something, but at Frasca it is three somethings.



There were some marinated carrots, some green soup (I can’t remember what it was, but it was cold and tasty) and something that had snails in it. Susie actually ate all of it. Susie is the pickiest eater alive, so this was nothing short of amazing.



She looks like she is going to do a wine chaser.



The pace of the dinner was, as always, leisurely. You always feel like you have enough time between the courses to be ready and anxious for the next course.

Susie had not realized she had ordered sashimi. She stared at it for a long time. I asked her if she wanted something different, but she stared it down and decided she would try it.


Snails and raw fish in the same meal! It’s only taken her 24 years, but she is finally getting adventurous food wise.

I had the tuna. Yummy.



Nicholas ordered two Antipasti’s. This was one of them. But I can’t remember what it was. Maybe steak tartare? Whatever it was, Nicholas said it was really good.



The red wine was opened. It was a lovely Chianti. And don’t think for a minute it’s just an ordinary Chianti. It was AMAZING.



Matt served this one. I really loved how both Bobby and Matt discussed and served the wines to Patrick.



I love this picture of Matt, with the big smile on his face. He loves his job. I’d love a job like that!

Patrick pronounced the wine delicious.



It went well with the Primi course.







Everything was as delicious as it looked. Frasca prepares everything well, but their pasta is to die for. I like going in, sitting at the bar and ordering a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine. That is super affordable too.





The bottle of red wine didn’t last long with their being five of us, so we ordered another. Matt came and helped choose that one. It was delicious too.






Our main courses came and they did not disappoint. They were all divine.





Dessert is always a favorite.









Chef/Owner, Lachlan, came by. He has a new baby, so of course there were questions for him about how the baby was. Things are going great! My best friend, Erika was their night nurse.



There were a couple of rounds of after dinner drinks. I personally like a glass of Moscato after dinner. The drinks we had were from the Grappa cart and more herbaceous. Patrick liked them.





I always take home some of their handmade chocolates. There are not words to describe how wonderful these tasty treats are. The chocolate is thin and delicate and the fillings are smooth and flavorful.



Patrick and I had both had quite a bit to drink.



So proud of my boy. And he was treated like a rock star at Frasca.



As an added bonus, we mentioned to Bobby that Nicholas was moving to San Francisco. Later in the week, Bobby spent some time meeting with Nicholas and giving him advice. Nicholas has been a sushi chef, but wants to branch out and learn new things in SF. Bobby gave him lots of great advice that is already paying off. Nicholas is writing a blog about his adventure. Check it out at

Thanks Bobby!



Bobby told us that he was bussing a table and the diners asked why HE was bussing their table and he said, “Because that’s what Bobby does.” Everybody does what is needed to keep things running smoothly and make diners happy and feel taken care of. That’s what makes the service so amazing.


Thanks to the whole Frasca team for a wonderful, delicious, memorable night.




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