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I know what you’re thinking, what does Frasca Food and Wine have to do with my trip to Mexico. Heck, you may even be thinking, what IS Frasca Food and Wine?

I am temporarily interrupting this trip report to blog about our fabulous, amazing, outstanding dinner at Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, Colorado last month. We were celebrating our son, Patrick’s, 21st birthday. He works next door at Frasca owned Pizzeria Locale, which is the best pizza ever, and it carries on the Frasca tradition of great wine and superb service.

Zung and I have been going to Frasca since shortly after they opened up, about 9 years ago. Elise, a woman who works for me, told me about it. She said the owners came from the French Laundry ( a restaurant near San Francisco – which I had never heard of, but is a big deal restaurant). She said the service was amazing and the food was great and they had great wine. All things I liked, I decided we should give it a try.

I will confess, I was not wowed that first time. It seemed a hassle to get reservations. But get them we did and while we enjoyed our meal, it just didn’t seem “all that” for what we paid.

It was a couple of years later when Elise was complaining about wanting to eat there for a special occasion (birthday or anniversary – I can’t remember) and could not get reservations. It was apparently, THE place to eat. I went home and told Zung I thought maybe we should give it a second chance. My birthday was coming up and we decided we would eat there for my birthday dinner. It was 6 weeks out and my birthday was on a Wednesday, so I didn’t think we would have any trouble getting a reservations. After all, they didn’t take reservations any closer than two months out. However, when I called, I was informed that they were full. I could be put on a waiting list, which I did. There was also the option of walking in because they kept two tables open for walk-ins plus they had a bar and food bar where they served. I was not willing to risk that, so I made reservations at another restaurant.

Lo and behold, they called me the day before and had an opening. We were very impressed this time. It was ALL that, AND a bag of chips. I guess the rest, as they say, is history.

I made us memorable to Bobby Stuckey, one of the owners, when we were eating there one Valentine’s Day and I told him that it was our New Year’s resolution to eat at Frasca more often. We had been eating there about once a year, but New Year’s Eve of that year I had decided that was just not often enough. We did great on our resolution that year and eat there all the time now. It varies from amazing to really amazing. I say it is the dining trifecta, great food, wonderful wine (this year they won the James Beard award for outstanding wine service in the country – a BIG freakin’ deal), and incredible service.

We eat there often enough that everyone knows us. So now it is like eating at our neighborhood restaurant, only it’s a really high-end restaurant. Their website says they are a neighborhood restaurant inspired by the cuisine and culture of Friuli, Italy. Check out their website for more about this fabulous restaurant.

There was no question of where we would eat to celebrate Patrick’s 21st,  only when. We settled on July 30th, and the Frasca team made it memorable from the moment we walked in the door.



The $78 is for a four course dinner. You can also order things ala carte. The four course menu is perfect though. Just don’t expect Cheesecake Factory sized portions. Don’t even get me started on portions that huge.

We got seated and as always, they poured us a glass of white wine from Fruili. It’s about a half a glass and is a complimentary welcome drink. It’s a light, refreshing wine. Everybody was coming over to tell Patrick happy birthday. They treated him like a rock star. There actually were some rock stars there that night, but it was nobody I was familiar with. I could just tell by looking at them that they were and one of the staff confirmed it when I asked. Whether you are a rock star, a frequent Frasca flier or just someone who comes in off the street, you will be treated as a valued customer. Service is number one and they do it like nowhere else.

Before we placed our order, Patrick was thirsty and ordered a cocktail. This boy is 21. he can order a cocktail if he wants to!


Check back here on Wednesday for the low down on all the fabulous food and outstanding wine.




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  1. It sounds like Patrick had a memorable birthday celebration! So glad, and hope his entire year is wonderful!

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