Havana’s a Rock Star Too

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One of our wonderful, attentive beach waiters comes by. I order a rum and coke. I must have been very thirsty, because I sucked it right down. Then I ordered a Mudslide. The massage people came by and I got a sample massage. Those are always nice. They do about a five-minute massage. I asked if we could use our certificate for a complementary half hour couples massage at the beach massage location. It said on the certificate that it was for the spa at the shopping center. In the past they have done it at the beach though. The massage dude said he didn’t think we could use it at the beach. Boo!

Steve and Janelle parked themselves nearby and then came by and we took a bunch of pictures.

Havana is very popular and everybody wanted to be photographed with her. Since Steve was sporting such a stylin’ hat, he got to go first. The lace definitely makes the hat.






Posing next to Janelle gave me ab envy. She works those abs every day and it shows.



Zung wanted to wear Steve’s hat.







Havana got bored and went to hide behind the towel on the table. She just wanted to watch the friend photo shoot. Then she got tired and laid down on a lounger. Not Lounge Chair, mind you. She would never dream of encroaching on my territory.



She was willing to have her photo taken with Eder.



She was tolerant of him initially.




But then he started this nonsense and she’d had enough.



We hung out at the beach for a little longer.



Then Havana told us she was thirsty and hungry, so we went off to lunch.  It was clear, pretty quickly, that Havana was getting tipsy. Literally.



Zung was branching out and exploring a little variety at lunch this vacation. He went to the buffet and got shrimp. I didn’t say he was having a lot of variety, just some. And the word “some”, as used in Mexico, is subject to a wide interpretation.



Then he got more shrimp. What can I say? The man loves shrimp.



I got a Kobe burger. The first couple years I really liked these, but the last few times I haven’t liked them. They have a funny texture.



The fries were great and I love the little bottles of ketchup they provide.



We asked for Olivia. We were told she was around but we didn’t see her. It was starting to be weird how we couldn’t find her. We did see Steve and Janelle as we left. They were just coming in.

We headed off to the Lobby Bar for cucumber mojitos. Daniel wasn’t there. He’d gone home, sick. Oh no! My mom instincts took over and I started to worry about him. He made me worry a LOT about him this vacation. This was just the first time.



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  1. Such fun pics with great friends:)!!

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