Lazy Sunday and a 4 minute egg

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I didn’t note what time we got up, but the sun was pretty high in the sky.



I may have posted similar pictures from the last couple days, but who can ever get tired of this awesome view.



We went out to get our chairs on the beach and then went to breakfast. We usually get room service once or twice during our stay, but we did not this time.

Zung got the same thing every morning.



I had something different this morning. I asked for a soft-boiled egg, cooked 4 min. For the record, that resulted in a really runny egg. At home I do 5 1/2 minutes, but I live at altitude and water boils at a lower temperature, so you have to boil things for a longer period of time.

They served the eggs, (they brought me two), unpeeled in tomato halves. They looked pretty, but it was a lot of work to eat them and they were really runny.



After we were finished eating, we went to the Lobby Bar.


Daniel was working there today. He was sniffling and said he wasn’t feeling well. He still had his awesome smile though. He made me my Mimosa.





Havana likes the pastries. I might have had one as well.



I went over to the Lobby to exchange some money. She brought me large bills and I had to ask her to switch them for smaller bills.

When I go back to the bar, Steve and Janelle are there. Victor comes by to say hello and see if everything is okay. I ask him where Olivia is, because we have still not seen her. He says she is still working and then he says you can’t miss her and he makes the universal sign for being pregnant. Hopefully we will see her soon.

The floor in the Lobby Bar is made of marble and it looks like martini glasses. It is a work of art.


We return to the room and prepare for the beach. Victor is there when we come down and I ask if we can have a picture together. He was pretty funny because he put his arm around me, but said he needed to be professional, so he didn’t want to get too close.



I am wearing my other cover-up that I made. This one is longer. It didn’t come out as well as the shorter one. I really like the fabric though.

We settle into our chairs on the beach and start our daily dose of beautiful viewing.



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  1. Love all of the ocean front pictures. We did not book one this trip and I hope we are not too disappointed with our view.

  2. I LOVE ocean front. But we’ve had ocean view several times and it was fine. We spend all day long at the beach, so we get our fill of ocean views. Ocean front is icing on the cake.

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