Drunk Yoga

When we wake up from our nap, I go to yoga. Jenni, from Germany, is our leader. Jenni is adorable, but she is not an awesome yoga teacher. She begins by commanding us to, “INHALE. EXHALE.” She repeats this several times. It gets annoying. Quickly. We are on the sand. She leads us in to Crow.


Resort yoga is really Yoga for Dummies. (With the exception of Excellence Riviera Cancun and the Yoga Tyrant). Add to that, the fact that at 4:30 pm, we are probably on this side of drunk.

I attempt a Crow, because I can do it normally. I end up doing a face plant. To add insult to injury, I can’t do Tree.

Seriously? I can always do Tree. For a long time.

I return to Zung and make him take a picture of me doing Tree. I CAN do it. I most certainly can.



We went in the water.











There was a wedding, so we stayed to watch. I don’t normally post pictures of weddings, but this couple was so adorable and they look so happy. Weddings are the ultimate optimistic gesture.



After the wedding, we returned to the room and got ready for dinner.

We walked to Toni’s and stopped by the Pool Bar to say hit to Daniel, Steve and Janelle.



I love this dress. I got it from H&M for $20. $20 dresses feel better than $200 dresses. But $200 dresses last longer. This dress may not survive a single washing.

We are seated at Toni’s. Mario is our waiter. Luis, the sommelier, comes by. He asks if we would like help selecting a wine, and he is so adorable, we say yes. I can’t remember how much it was. It wasn’t outrageous (like at Excellence Riviera Cancun). The wine was good. We didn’t finish it at dinner, so we took it to the bar and finished it there.



I get the Seafood Sampler and Zung gets the Lobster Cream Soup.





There is a sorbet or sherbet course to cleanse our palates. It’s very limey.



I have the Rib-Eye and Lyonnaise Potatoes. Both are very good.



Zung has the Classic Surf and Turf, which looks kind of lonely on his plate.



We shared the tomato salad, which was better than it usually is.


There is almost a full moon.



I am very surprised to see that there are people in the restaurant on their iPhones and iPads. You don’t really have to go to Mexico to ignore each other over the dinner table.

We skip dessert and decide to head to the Lobby Bar. It was a good dinner with good wine and good service. We ask the hostess to take our picture outside of the restaurant.



It seems like we see beautiful things at the Grand everywhere we go. Some people say it is over the top, like that is a bad thing. They are right, it is over the top. I wouldn’t want this in my home. But on vacation, I like a little fantasy and over the top. They go well with my shoes.




It is Humberto’s day off and the bartender looks like he is 12. He does a good job. But it is hard to take him seriously, looking as young as he does.

Zung has some champagne at the Lobby Bar. I don’t know why he chooses this, as it is out of character for him.


I get hot tea. I want to be prepared if Alfonso shows up with rum. After the tea I get club soda. Alfonso does not show up, so I finish the wine from dinner.



Zung and Steve disappeared for a while. I didn’t write in my notes where they went, so I’m not sure I ever found out.



The bar scene was pretty lively that night. The guys were there playing live music. I think one of them was new. They played lots of new songs. But they were still very loud when trying to carry on a conversation.



It is a fun evening with good friends.



We go back to our room. I drink Havana Siete while I type notes for the blog.

I could get used to this. (Except for the yoga – can’t get used to that).

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5 Responses to Drunk Yoga

  1. podsnel says:

    Aaahhhhh…I remember doing some drunk yoga with you once….you did manage the tree that time, though, so I guess you are 50/50 on drunk tree during class. ;-p This past January I did the exercise class in the pool- it didn’t feel all that strenuous while I was doing it, but WOW did I feel it the next day- water resistance is a good thing, I guess.

    Quick question- when you have gone with all your kids, they all stayed in the same room, right? Do they still allow 3 to a room? Do they wheel in a rollaway or something? Trying to plan a girls trip, and wondering how that all sorts out (3 in a room). Thank you!

  2. shoediva50 says:

    When we went with the kids they did all stay in one room. They wouldn’t bring in a rollaway so the kids moved the balcony sofa mattress into the room cause the boys didn’t want to share a bed. Thy no longer allow three to a room though.

  3. podsnel says:

    Thank you- that’s what I saw when I looked at it, but I remembered you had done it at one point so thought it might be possible still somehow.

  4. NiceNewYorker says:

    Steve said that he and Zung could have been to Playa and back and we wouldn’t have noticed because all we did was talk, talk, talk!

  5. shoediva50 says:

    For all we know, they did!

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