Steve and Janelle Arrive!

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We walk in to Las Brisa for lunch, and see Steve. He is by the buffet, talking to one of the staff. They know everyone there and everyone loves them. We go over and say hi and he tells us that he has heard from Alfonso. He is now the GM at another hotel, but it was an amicable departure and he plans to come over to see us all with a couple of bottles of rum. That is definitely something to look forward to.

Janelle is sitting at a table and we go over to see her and we sit with them.



Steve and Janelle were drinking Pinot Grigio. I asked for some Sauvignon Blanc. Zung had a Victoria beer. They taught him that it is pronounced with a “B” sound for the “V.”

Luis, the new sommelier, came over and was chatting with us. The waiter came by and refilled Steve and Janelle’s glasses and started to pour some Pinot Grigio into my glass and I said, non, no, I’m drinking Sauvignon Blanc. It was really only a drop or two and I didn’t care, but Luis picked up my glass and gave it to the waiter and told him to bring me a new, clean glass with my Sauvignon Blanc.

I hadn’t liked Eli, the previous sommelier. Luis was adorable though. Nice, personable and not condescending at all.

I ordered Tournedos, which they overcooked a bit, and fries.



Zung got shrimp fajitas, which he said were perfect.



We drank wine. We talked. We drank more wine, while we talked some more. The notes I made from this day were, “wine, wine, wine, talk, talk, talk.”

Steve and Janelle’s room was not ready when they arrived because they got in pretty early. Janelle got a message that their room was ready.

We all headed out.


I took advantage of a photo-op with my two favorite Starfriends,  Eder and Eduardo.


Zung and I stop by the Pool bar for a cucumber mojito. We return to the beach. After all that wine AND a cuke mo, the only time it can be now is nap time.


I had to rest up for yoga.


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  1. Just have to say you girls look so great!

  2. Let the fun begin;)!!! It was great spending lunch with you and Zung!

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