Every day is Saturday on vacation

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It is Saturday, but really, every day is Saturday when you are on vacation. Especially the way we vacation. Some people go to Mexico and do something different every day. They go see the ruins, they go on ATV tours and snorkeling and zip lining. That all sounds exciting and way too much work. We lay on the beach. Day, after day, after day. It is awesome.

I wake up at 6 am. Zung is still sleeping and it’s too early for breakfast, so I play Candy Crush on my iPad. It is at times like this that I wish there was hotel-wide wi-fi. At 6:30 I get up and get ready for breakfast at Bella Vista.

Zung tries to take a Zungrise picture, but the palm trees didn’t magically move during the night.



The view to the south was as gorgeous as ever though.



Zung takes a couple of artistic shots on our way to the restaurant.





The Tranquility Pool was very tranquil this morning.


And there was no chair saving going on.


Did I mention how beautiful the Grand is? I wonder why my gardener doesn’t trim my trees and bushes like this. Oh, wait. I don’t have a gardener. That’s the first thing I need to do when I get home. Get a gardener who sculpts when he trims.



Our waiter offers me a Mimosa at breakfast. I don’t want to be rude, so I accept. I only drink half of it though.

I have a carb-heavy breakfast, which is never a good idea and makes me feel less than awesome later in the morning. If I don’t have enough protein, I can tell. Awesome and delicious as bacon is, it does not provide enough protein unless you eat a pound. By then your arteries have exploded, so it’s not a good option.



Real tea, mmmm, ahhhhh! I allow myself one cup. When I drink two, I regret it. I always have a morning where I drink more than I should and regret it. I should know by now, three Mimosa’s is okay, two cups of tea is not.



Zung has, well, you know what he has.



He loves those bananas. I like bananas fresh, or sautéed in butter and rum over coconut ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Breakfast eaten, next stop, the Lobby Bar for wi-fi and Mimosas. There is a waitress there, but she does not come over to get my order. I wait awhile and when she still does not come over, I go to the bar and order from the bartender. When I am halfway through my Mimosa, Zung arrives and the waitress comes over and he orders a cappuccino. When she brings it, I order another Mimosa.

Two and a half is my limit, more or less.


After I do my internet stuff we head back to our room. We decide to walk outside and haven’t walked very far when a butler comes by in a golf cart and offers us a ride.

Okay. It would be rude to say no.

He asks how everything is and do we need anything. He tells us that starting today there is 24 hour wi-fi at the concierge desk. This means you can get wi-fi 24 hours a day in the ocean front lobbies and some of the rooms will probably be able to get it, but not ours. We are too far away. Boo!

I get ready for the beach and Zung goes to work out. He says it is too hot and he is too full from breakfast and it just didn’t feel good. It is a brief workout and then he is joining me on the beach.

Good thing. I need a photographer to take a picture of my other new swim suit. It really should be called a tanning suit, because I do more tanning than swimming in it.


There is the usual connecting with he ocean that feeds my soul. My soul is so happy when I’m in Mexico.




Daniel’s shift starts at 11, so that was when we went to the Pool Bar. I was jonesing for a Cucumber Mojito. We ran into Victor, who is the head butler now. I asked him if Steve and Janelle had arrived yet. Not yet. We are all excited for them to arrive.

Daniel is late. There are hugs and kisses when he does arrive (after I inform him that he is late).

First Cuke Mo. Now that’s what I’m talking about.


We chat a bit with Daniel and then I tell him we are going back to the beach to wait for Steve and Janelle.

We wait. We go in the water.




We nap. We get hungry and decide to go have lunch at Las Brisa.

We walk in, and there they are.


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