Venecia, the Jewelry Store and the Lobby Bar

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We got a golf cart ride to our restaurant, Venecia. We check in a the hostess podium and she says, “You’ve been here a couple of times before, haven’t you?” I chuckle and say, “Yes. A couple.”

Our waiter is Julio and he does a fine job. Oscar, the manager, comes over a few times to see how things are.

We ask for the wine list. There are about a dozen each of red and white on the list of wines that are part of the all-inclusive, a few Rosé, and about a half-dozen sparkling wines. We choose a Rioja by Tobia.


We enjoy good wine, but are by no means wine snobs. We can usually find something that is quite decent on the included wine list. We do buy a bottle of red wine at one dinner, but that is its own story.

This is our first time dining at Venecia with the new menu.

They bring out some Focaccia with Parmesan cheese sticks in olive oil, pickled eggplant and olives.



I ordered a salad that had warm marinated artichoke hearts, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. It was supposed to have anchovies, but I passed on those (gag). A good, green salad was something I felt had been lacking on the old menu, so I was glad to see this addition. It was a good, fresh, very lightly dressed salad.



Zung got the calamari, which is something that they’d had on the old menu as well.



There is more of what is considered “traditional” Italian on the new menu. My favorite restaurant at home is northern Italian, so I was fine with the old menu. However, a lot of people complained it wasn’t really Italian, which generally means, “Where’s the red sauce?”

I ordered the Hake with Polenta. It was well presented, but overcooked.



Zung got the shrimp, which he said was very good. It came with lots of veggies.



We both had dessert. I had the Chocolate Bon Bon. It was huge and rich, like chocolate butter.



Zung had the Zabaione.DSCN0332

We asked about the Mayan coffee and he said they don’t do it there anymore. He said they do it at the Gourmet restaurant.

We left and headed toward the Lobby Bar to hang out with Humberto for the rest of the evening.

But there was this noise that caught my attention. It was really a whisper. “Come check out the shiny and sparkly things in here.” It was, of course, the jewelry store.

I found a bracelet. Or maybe I should say it found me. It spoke to me, at any rate. “Look at me! Pick me up. Try me on. You want me. You know you do.” It was silver and white sapphire.

I asked how much. His opening offer was $600. I tried not to laugh because that was absurd. I offered $200 and we settled on $300. It’s pretty, I like it and I wear it all the time.



Next stop was the Lobby Bar. It’s actually called the Mirador Bar, but nobody ever calls it that. It’s always referred to as the Lobby Bar. It is very quiet when we arrive. Humberto said that last night after we left it got very busy.

I get a chocolate martini and Zung gets water.



Humberto makes a mean chocolate martini. He was the one who got me hooked on them.



I can’t believe I forgot to mention this at breakfast. At Bella Vista there were a bunch of young men in matching shirts. My guess was they were some kind of sports team, which Humberto confirmed. They were the Mexican soccer team, and they had been there for almost two weeks. They easily could have been models because they were all attractive. I had really wished Susie had been with us. They had left today. (Sad face).

I asked Humberto about Alfonso leaving. He said he left when he was on vacation. Nobody seems to know the details or who is going to be replacing him.

I see Eduardo. We chat for a bit before we head back to the room.

I am regretting going the fake, glue on nail route because they are falling off. I must not have used enough glue. Boo!



The maid posed Havana here when she did our turn down.


We have a glass of Havana Siete on the balcony. A perfect ending to a perfect day. We are looking forward to tomorrow though, when Steve and Janelle arrive. We .will finally get the skinny on Alfonso




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