Coconut Ice Cream and Drinking a Cloud

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Now that we had new hats, we were hungry. Shopping always works up an appetite for me. We headed off to Las Brisa, the buffet by the ocean.


Best view of all the restaurants. I hope I can convince my kids to get married at the Grand  and have the reception at Las Brisa.

We ordered our drinks. A Victoria (beer) for Zung.


A Sauvignon Blanc for me. Havana and Coke used to be my lunch drink of choice, but SB is a little lighter. I’m usually very thirsty by lunch time.




Zung got shrimp fajitas. He always gets shrimp fajitas.



I ordered two lobsters and french fries. Usually they bring both lobsters on the same plate and a separate plate of french fries. Something was lost in translation, because our waiter thought I wanted a lobster and Zung wanted a lobster. When he brought them I had to tell him they were both for me. There are only a few bites in each lobster, so take my advice and order two.



This amount of fries is a joke. I like a BIG pile of fresh, hot, crispy fries. That’s what I order, “french fries, hot and crispy.” The grilled lobster was good. It is Caribbean lobster. It’s nice with the fresh lime, which is healthier than dipping it in butter.

They kept my wine glass filled. After we finished our shrimp and lobster, I went to look at desserts. The desserts are a perfect size. I picked out three and got a scoop of ice cream. Not just any ice cream. It was coconut ice cream. I LOVE coconut ice cream. I don’t understand why they don’t have it at every restaurant, every day. I would eat it at breakfast, if they had it. Maybe, my next trip, I’ll ask for it at breakfast. When we used to take the kids to Disneyland, there would be one day that we would have ice cream for lunch. It was kind of a tradition. I think coconut ice cream for breakfast would be a great Mexico tradition. Now that would be a breakfast of champions.



Our tummies full, we headed back to the beach. We made a detour to the pool bar to see Carlos. We were chatting and he said his birthday was next Monday, the 24th, the day before Zung’s birthday. He is going to be 41. I NEVER would have guessed he was that old. I asked if he was married and had kids, and he replied that he wasn’t married, “any more.” Well, that chica let a good one get away.



We returned to the beach. We took naps. Isn’t a nap in the afternoon just the best thing ever?

I got back into the sun. When my wonderful beach waiters came around, I ordered a Coco Loco. Drinking a Coco Loco is like drinking a cloud.



Someone took our picture, but, I can’t remember who. Getting couples pictures is always a challenge. If I see a couple taking pictures of each other, I always offer to take a picture of the two of them.



I took some pictures of Zung.





We go to the spa, to swim in the spa pool. There have been trips when we do this every day. This is not one of those trips.

I wear my starfish shoes. Okay, I have two pairs of starfish shoes. And a necklace. And earrings. What can I say? I like starfish and I LOVE Ibersostar and starfish remind me of Ibersostar, clever marketing logo that it is.



My pedicure is looking a little ragged. I had to DIY because I ran out of time. And it’s navy blue, not black. Note to self, ALWAYS make time for a professional pedi.

We see Victor on our way to the spa. It’s always good to see him. He always makes us feel so welcomed.

The pool at the spa is cool. I prefer it bath water temperature. We don’t do the faucets because cool water pouring down on you just isn’t relaxing.

We head back to the room. We see Charlie and Raul. We get ready for dinner. We make rum and Cokes. We enjoy the view.






I realized they had put another flower arrangement in our room.

This was the arrangement when we arrived.



This was the new one.



As the flowers wilt, they will remove them, until there are not enough to make a decent arrangement. Between the two, we had something all week long.

I am wearing my new Jimmy Choos.



That picture is good.

This one is better.



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  1. in love with those new shoes!! so cute 🙂

  2. LOVE the swimsuit and shoes but I am super excited about that new drink menu! I will have so much fun next month trying out some new drinks.

  3. I share your love for the coconut ice cream. I find myself searching for it every single day at lunch. The shoes are hot!! We miss you and Zung;)

  4. Cute shoes. Those are very sexy.

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