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It is not long before Zung starts telling me I should come in out of the sun. He tells me I will regret it if I don’t. I don’t agree that I am anywhere close to that point, but he keeps telling me this, and I am remembering a couple of years ago when he didn’t tell me to come in out of the sun and I burned pretty badly. Then I couldn’t lay out in the sun for a couple of days.

I only lay out for about an hour.


Zung is content to stay in the shade and read.


We order drinks when our beach waiter comes around. I order a Mudslide, aka Milkshake for grownups. Zung orders a Margarita. Don’t tell anyone because I think it’s not allowed in Mexico, but I don’t like Margarita’s. Probably because I don’t like Tequila. But it’s a secret, okay?

Our beach waiters were very attentive. They always came around first thing with waters and made frequent stops during the day for drinks.I forgot to write down their names, and I feel bad about not remembering because they were so good. I had been reading Trip Advisor reviews in the weeks before we arrived and there were quite a few comments about slow beach service. I don’t know if those people were on a different section of beach or if they just have different expectations, but we thought our beach service was excellent.







When I finished the Mudslide, I ordered a Zombie. This was not as good as I remembered it being, so I never ordered another one.

My vacation needs are simple. Give me a hot (but not too hot), sunny beach, a cold drink and a good book and I’m content.

DSCN0285I had arrived at that awesome, “I am so relaxed”, vacation Zen place. It usually happens when I lay down on Lounge Chair and look at the ocean, and exhale.

I’m going to blame to two drinks (well, four, if you count my morning Mimosas) on what I did next. Some might call it poor decision-making. I like to think of it as not well thought out, slightly impulsive, alcohol-fueled decision-making.

There are vendors that walk up and down the beach. They are not aggressive at all. If you don’t show any interest or say, No gracias, they just keep walking. They sell silver (yea, I don’t think I’m gonna buy silver from some dude that walks up and down the beach, with his inventory in his backpack), cigars (I don’t smoke, I abhor smoke), blankets (ugh, too hot), sunglasses (I wear prescription sunglasses), and hats.

We have never bought anything from them before. Before today, that is.

Meet Jorge.



Zung has been talking about getting a hat to wear at the race track, so I said he should look at Jorge’s hats.



He started trying on hats, and then I spotted this pink beauty (or at least that must have been what I thought when I saw it). I thought it looked great on me and decided I had to have it.



After several considerations, Zung found one he liked too.



Jorge said they were $300 pesos each and I offered him $500 for both. We settled on $550 (about $44 US), which I knew was probably twice as much as we should have been paying, but I just didn’t feel like haggling to the death.

I go up to the room to get the money and Jorge and Zung chat. Jorge tells Zung that he used to work in the US illegally, and says if we ever move to Mexico he’ll work for us, he’ll do anything. Later in the week we see him selling sunglasses. It’s hot work trying to sell stuff on the beach and I feel ok about overpaying for our hats.



I will admit, when I looked at the hat the next day, I thought to myself, “What was I thinking? Where am I gonna wear this thing?” I can’t wear it on the beach because it is too stiff. I blamed it on the alcohol. I gave it to Susie when I got home. She thought it was great (and she wasn’t under the influence of 2 Mimosa’s, a Mudslide and a Zombie).







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  1. Awww…. I like your hats! Zung’s looks great- I wish Pods could wear a hat like that, but Pods only looks good in baseball caps, lol! You look fantastic, by the way- 🙂

  2. The hats are cute! BTW, I do NOT like tequila and declined an offer of a margarita at the Grand. I told the waiter I didn’t like tequila but he said I should give his a try because they were that good. I did and it WAS good! I switched back to mojitoes afterward but next time you are there it could be worth a taste.

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