Breakfast, Mimosa’s and Lounge Chair

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We slept like rocks, but wake up early, 6:30. We can’t fall back to sleep. We are too excited to start the day. The ocean is whispering, “come join me. It’s been way too long. Hurry. I’ve missed you.” Or, maybe that was Lounge Chair. That’s the kind of thing he would say.

Zung tries to take a Zungrise picture, but the palm trees are blocking the view in that direction.



The other direction shows the beginnings of a nice day.


We dress and head off to Bella Vista for some breaky. It’s vacation, but you still gotta dress in acceptable clothes when you leave your room. We aren’t “wear you bathing suit with a cover up to breakfast”  type of people. There are lots of those people at breakfast and it’s just fine if you are.

As we walk past the main pool we notice there are plenty of prime spots available. There is some towel game going on, but it’s definitely not out of control.

We are seated and order our beverages of choice. That would be coffee for Zung (con leche y azucar), and hot tea (English breakfast, also con leche y azucar) for me. I go to the buffet and get a scrambled egg, bacon, two tater tots and a croissant. I look for mango, but there is none.



I took a sip of my tea. I drink decaf at home and regular tea on vacation. Regular tea is better. It tastes soooo good!

Zung gets an omelette (bet you didn’t see that one coming!). You will notice he also has a mango on his plate.

DSCN0257I return to the buffet to get my mango. They are the champagne mangos and so tender and sweet. Yum.

We look for Olivia, but she is not there.

Breakfast is good. I can’t find anything, other than the mango and regular tea, that I look forward to as much as Zung looks forward to his omelets. I have found that, for the most part, keeping it simple is best.

We finish breakfast and then proceed with what has become our routine. We head to the Lobby for wi-fi and Mimosa’s. There is wi-fi in the lobby area of the ocean front building, but no Mimosa’s. I had hoped that they would have gotten wi-fi throughout the resort by now. Alfonso, the former GM, had told me this was coming when I was here in January.

There are always beautiful orchids in the hall that takes us to the Lobby.


I use my iPad and start a “Live From” Trip Advisor thread, check my email and play Words With Friends. Zung brings his computer because he has to do some work stuff. By the time we are done I have had two Mimosa’s and he has had a cappuccino.





They were doing some repairs to the ceilings the whole week we were there. I’d heard they’d had some leaking when they had the torrential downpours a couple of weeks before.





We head back to the room, noticing that there is no towel game at the Tranquility pool.



The grounds of the Grand are beautiful.





We stop at the beach to get some chairs. We have to move some around to get the location we want. We go to the room and put on swim suits and sun screen.

I head down to the beach first and stop at the Concierge desk to make dinner reservations for the rest of the week. I then tell her that I want to order a cake for Zung’s birthday on Thursday. The other concierge (I think the one who is taking my information is in training) says a romantic beach dinner is included with our room, and would we like to have that on his birthday? I tell her I will check with him. I am looking at the cake  options when Zung walks off the elevator. I quickly tell her that I want this to be a surprise, so I will choose later and she quickly puts the book away. I don’t know what all is in the book, but there were several cake options.

We head out to the beach and I have my long-awaited reunion with Lounge Chair.



Do you like my cover-up? I made it! It’s just like the ones that Victoria Secret sells. Except, I think theirs are made out of a cotton jersey type material and this is a chiffon-scarf type material. It’s a super easy pattern that I found on Pinterest. I just made a couple of adjustments. I actually made two. This is the short one.

Lounge Chair was, as usual, happy to see me. I have been working out and he could tell. He lets me know when I’m getting soft.

He promised me good weather if I spent a lot of time with him.


DSCN0272I hope Havana doesn’t have any plans to hone in on my territory. Lounge Chair is mine and I don’t like to share.

I cuddle up to him. I drink in the view.



I work on my tan.



Life is good.




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  1. I was just thinking, “I love Andrea’s cover-up!”, when you asked! It really is beautiful. Loving your report and can’t wait to read more!

  2. First thing I noticed in that pic was your cover up! I “Pinned” that pattern a few months back, and just haven’t had a chance to make one yet. Now that I see it on your, I’m heading to the fabric store! Love the material!

  3. Is that one of your new swimsuits? Very cute.

    1. Thanks! It’s half of one of my new swimsuits. I had two black bottoms and put on the wrong one that day.

  4. Is there Internet in the rooms? I am going down there next month, and will need to do a couple of Skype calls.

    1. There is Internet, but wifi is spotty. They give you an Ethernet cable for wired Internet. Just ask your butler. The main lobby and ocean front lobbies have wifi.

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