Dinner at Haiku and My First Chocolate Martini of the Trip

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After drinking in the ocean and feeling my soul fill up, we head back to the room. There is a bottle of Havana Siete waiting for us.


My hair is already protesting the humidity. Living in dry Colorado, my skin loves the humidity. My hair, not so much. I’m not sure why I had so much trouble with it this trip.

We unpack. We munch on the meat and cheese platter.

There is also a nice letter from Gabriel, the assistant GM and currently captain of the ship.


We get ready for dinner. I have brought some really fabulous jewelry with me this time. My mother-in-law passed away a month ago. She was 89 and lived a great life. She’d been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer (non-smokers) almost 7 years ago. That she lived as long as she did after that was nothing short of amazing. She had an awesome jewelry collection (which has required us to get a safe deposit box at home – you don’t keep this kind of stuff in your jewelry box on your dresser).

I was excited to get to dress up every night and wear some of this awesome jewelry. But it was definitely safe-worthy jewelry and the safe was locked. I call the concierge, who sends up security, and they unlock it. In goes the jewelry, passports, cash, wallets, computers, iPad and Zung’s iPhone. I keep mine with me. It’s a good sized safe.

I used to feel like I should stay unplugged during vacation. But we live in the digital age and while it can be a curse, it can also be a blessing. I have decided to embrace the blessing side of it. That said, please don’t talk on your cell phone on the beach. The beach is a sacred place.

Tonight I wear a dress I got from Target. It was one of their designer lines, but I don’t know the designer and can’t remember her name. I shop everywhere. Target to Neiman’s. I love a good look at an even better price. I wore the sapphire and diamond necklace.


We took the Room Number picture. We were in 7158, two doors down from the Presidential Suite. The PS had a big, wood door. I didn’t see a key card anywhere near the door, so I’m not sure how you get in. One of these days, I’m going to get a tour. I have asked for one a couple of times, but it has been occupied.


This picture is by the elevator. We were on the third floor, but it’s the second floor on the elevator because the first floor is the PB floor, which Steve said must stand for Peanut Butter. Now every time we get in the elevator and push it, I have to say we are going to the Peanut Butter floor.


We walk to the main building for our dinner reservations at Haiku. We ask to sit at a regular table. I guess I am just over sitting at the teppanyaki grill. It is a long dinner and might be worth it, if they did any show cooking. But mostly they just cook the food on the grill and overcook the meat. I have come to prefer sitting at a regular table and ordering the wok dishes.

We started out by ordering a bottle of Malbec.


Our first course was tempura. Shrimp for Zung and veggies for me. Sometimes these are too greasy, but tonight they were delish.



We both got fried rice. Zung got the salmon and I got the lobster stew curry.



Both were yummy, and the fried rice is always good.

Zung got the banana split tempura. That got a thumb’s up. My dessert was waiting for me at the Lobby Bar.


We ask the hostess to take our picture and then we walk to the Lobby Bar.


Humberto made me a chocolate martini and Zung his first Margarita of the trip.


They have redone the cocktail menus and there are some new cocktails on them. Sadly, my cucumber mojito did not make the cut. I will post those pictures here and also on the Menus and Maps page.











We had a nice chat with Humberto. We saw Ahleli.

We returned to our room, where our turn down service included a bubble bath.



A bubble bath and some Havana Siete sounded like the perfect way to end our first day of vacation.

Havana helped me pour some Havana.





The bubble bath was nice.



But, what always happens, happened. It was a bubble explosion.







We both slept like rocks. I never sleep like a rock my first night in a hotel. But I knew this wasn’t any hotel room. This was my home away from home.

Zung went to sleep with thoughts of, “Omelettes in the morning!”


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  1. Awesome update! I am so happy to see an updated drink list. I needed a few more ideas for drinks.

  2. You are gutsy to bring expensive jewelry to Mexico. I would be too worried about leaving them out or the safe being broken into.

  3. There’s no point in having jewelry like that if you can’t enjoy it. I am very conscientious about keeping it in the safe and it’s insured. My experience with the Grand is when valuables have been left out, they will leave a note encouraging us to keep them in the safe.

  4. The pictures of the chocolate martinis bring back some nice memories, thanks !

  5. Very nice looking woman. I’ll be at the Grand next week and hope to run into some fun people.

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