Charly, Daniel and the CROW

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Thank you to everyone who has sent condolences about Sierra. We got her from the Humane Society when she was a year old. We’ve gotten two great dogs from the shelter and I encourage everyone to consider adopting a shelter dog. She was a stray and just the best dog. I took one look at her and knew she was our dog.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

A short golf cart ride and we arrive at Building 71. I had requested Building 70, because of the Heaven’s Gate view. I am, however, pretty easygoing. I know that might be hard for some of you who know me, to believe. But, I really am. Once I get to Mexico, I just go with the flow.

The concierge greets us with more champagne. She says our butler will be up to our room shortly. We see Charly, the most awesome butler ever, on the 2nd floor and wave to him. Jorge takes us to the 3rd floor and to our room. There are flowers, a fruit basket, a meat and cheese platter and a bottle of wine.



Having the meat and cheese platter is so nice. We are usually pretty hungry when we arrive. And buzzed from a couple of glasses of champagne.

Charly arrives shortly after we get to the room. It is so good to see him! He has the best smile. I immediately ask how his baby son is doing. Unfortunately, he is having some cardiac issues. Charly and his wife and baby Carlos have just gotten home from Merida, where baby Carlos was being evaluated for a slow heart rate. He needs a pacemaker, but having government insurance is making it difficult. They may have to go to Mexico City. But, at this point they are being given a bit of the run around. Charly gets emotional and tears up at one point. I give him a hug. Carlos is doing well and they have sent him home for now.

While we were there, I had Zung write his Mexican cardiologist, Dr. Basave, to see if he could offer any advice. I have put Charly in touch with him and I will keep you all posted if there are any developments with this situation. My heart aches for how worried Charly is. He is determined though, to get baby Carlos what he needs. He showed me a picture later in our stay, and this baby is adorable. Charly is bursting with love and pride for his boy. I have no doubt he will move heaven and earth, if that is what it takes.

Charly fills out our papers and gives us our wristbands and we make our requests for pillows and a bottle of Havana Siete.

There is the ceremonial removal of the watch. If you’re new to my blog, I remove my watch for the duration of the vacation shortly after arriving to my room, because I don’t wear a watch on vacation. This has become known as the CROW.



The watch I am wearing has a three strand pearl bracelet. I had been looking for a watch like this for years, five years at least. I looked at stores and online and could never find what I wanted. I had a two strand pearl watch from Brighton for a while, but the pearls were not real and started to flake and peel. I was in a consignment store in Boulder in May and there it was, the watch I had been hunting for, for so many years. It didn’t work though. I asked the owner and she said it just needed a new battery and took 10% off. I got a new battery for it and it works great. It looked brand new and I was thrilled to finally find it. On this trip however, it was relegated to the safe.

Usually we unpack right away. However, I had been messaging with Daniel right before we left and he was working at the pool bar today until 7 and said he would be ready to make me a cucumber mojito. We went out to the pool bar, but he was not there! It is hopping busy. I ask one of the other bartenders if Daniel is there today and he says yes and points to him coming down the stairs. He is bringing ice. There are hugs and kisses and then he gets behind the bar and asks what we want to drink.

What kind of question is that??? He confesses that, although he has cucumbers, he has not had time to peel them. The pool bar is super busy so I tell him we’ll have Havana and Cokes. He makes them and tells us he will be off tomorrow. Oh well, my first cucumber mojito will have to wait.



He gives us our drinks and we walk out to the beach.



Mmmmmm. There is nothing like that first Havana and Siete. Well, other than that first Cucumber Mojito. The first chocolate martini is pretty good too.

We lay on one of the beach beds and drink in the ocean.


My soul feels more complete already.






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  1. That is so sad about Baby Carlos! Please keep us posted if you hear anything else. I agree 100%, that Charly is one VERY proud Papa, and such a sweeetheart. We were so fortunate to have him last visit, too-

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